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In another dimension, the realm of the Rev. Eastwind Tin, killed the king and took control. His army devastated the whole country, stopping only when there was nothing left to conquer.Grimm and Angar, children of the army commander's brother Nightingale, they discovered another world,The Earth,Nightingale prepared you army to attack Central City,but Grimm was tired of war, and sent a warning to the Flash, who along with Kid Flash, the Eastwind arrived and defeated the Reverend and his captain. Eastwind's people liberated from tyranny, he devoted Grimm as their king, but he was not interested in governing and wanted to seek his destiny as an artist; divided by this dilemma, he took the advice of Kid Flash to find his own path.

Relieved, he gave the crown to his brother Angar, who became a tyrant like his father,to save his people, Grimm wages war with his brother, and finally killing Angar of taking the crown back.Deploring, for failing to follow the advice of Kid Flash, he was horrified when he discovered that Kid Flash had taken the legacy of his mentor rather than following his own destiny.

Blaming Wally West for the destruction of his kingdom, Grimm devised a plan to eliminate the Flashes and take control of Central City. Manipulating Captain Cold and Mirror Master, Grimm trapped Wally in a pocket mirror universe with no Speed Force while taking the rest of Keystone's inhabitants into his world, brainwashing them to become his servants. However, his betrayal of the Rogues proved to be his undoing, as Cold and Mirror Master worked with the Flash to escape their pocket world and defeat Grimm, Wally managing to defeat Grimm by restricting himself to normal speed in their fight while loaning his speed to the Rogues so that they could collect the Keystone residents before he disabled Grimm's equipment.

Grimm later returned as he assumed a new identity of a medical student, Cliff, attending the same classes as Linda West, attempting to 'make' himself fall in love with her so that he could 'steal' her from the Flash and claim the Flash's 'kingdom' once again[1]. To this end, he trapped Linda at the top of a giant beanstalk that would spread to consume Central City, and even attempted to stab her to end her current pregnancy. Although the beanstalk shook violently when Wally approached it, he was able to reach the top with the aid of Hawkman- who noted that he had once fought one of Grimm's ancestors who used a similar trick in one of his past lives- Hawkman destroying the beanstalk while Wally defeated Grimm.


  • Magic
  • Speed Force Sense: Brother Grimm's awareness of other-dimensional forces allows him to somehow able to 'sense' the Speed Force. As a result, he is able to predict the moves the Flash will make in a fight no matter how fast he is moving at the time, requiring Wally to restrict himself to normal speed when engaging Grimm in combat.


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