Sgt. Clifford Zmeck was a certified psychopath, court-martialed by the United States Air Force in 1969 and convicted of murder and rape. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, but Project Atom gave him a chance to be pardoned. Experiments had been performed the previous year by subjecting an alien metal to a nuclear blast with a test subject encapsulated by the metal. Nathaniel Adam was the first volunteer, and he was apparently killed by the blast, so Zmeck was given a triple layer of the alien metal to protect him before being subjected to a nuclear blast. The "Major Force Project" was deemed a failure after Zmeck was apparently killed in the blast. In truth, the force of the explosion had catapulted him into the quantum field and shot him decades forward in time. Zmeck re-entered the time-stream and found that the alien metal was now fused to his body, giving him superhuman powers. General Wade Eiling (current head of Project Atom) recruited Zmeck as a new operative. Zmeck was spirited to an Air Force base where scientists implanted remote-control devices under his skin that could keep him in line by releasing a nerve gas or exploding on command. Technicians laser-etched his alloy coating into a "costume," and he was given the code name Major Force. Major Force has been working as a government sanctioned superhero, but has proven to be dangerously reckless with his powers and brought him into conflict with his predecessor Captain Atom (Nathaniel Adam). Nevertheless, he distinguished himself in service during the invasion of Earth by the Dominators.

Crime and Punishment

Ultimately, Major Force's unbalanced and sadistic tendencies clashed into the superhero community, in which he was responsible for the murder of Alexandra "Alex" DeWitt, the girlfriend of the then newest Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, and stuffed her remains in a refrigerator so that Rayner could find her.[1] Rayner almost killed Major Force, but was stopped by forces of the Special Crimes Unit who then took Zmeck into custody.[2]

Force would later kill a different Green Lantern, Arisia Rrab, a former Green Lantern at the time and friend of Green Lantern Guy Gardner.[3] Force was confronted by a vengeful by Guy Gardner in Kyoto, Japan and was apparently killed. In reality, Force was made of energy and not matter, and thus he cannot die and was effectively immortal.

Force was later part of a Government Task Force led by Captain Atom in addition to Green Lantern John Stewart, Power Girl of the JSA, Starfire of the Teen Titans, Japanese superhero Katana and retired superhero Black Lightning. He was saddled with Captain Atom by then President Lex Luthor in order to bring in Superman when a Kryptonite asteroid was headed for Earth.[4] Superman, aided by Batman, escaped them in Washington but met up with them again in Tokyo. Power Girl and Katana had been double agents working with Superman and Batman the whole time. When Captain Atom and his squad pursued them to Japan, Power Girl struck out at him. Force reacted by indiscriminately killing dozens of people. Katana chopped his hands off, releasing the atomic energy he harbored. Batman convinced Captain Atom to absorb the energy leaking from Force, which threatened to decimate the city. Captain Atom absorbed all the energy and disappeared, moving several years into the future in a quantum leap.[5]

Force would later return and again bedeviled Kyle Rayner by apparently decapitating Kyle's mother Maura Rayner and stuffed her severed head in an oven. He engaged Rayner in a lengthy battle and was almost successful in taking away Rayner's ring after Force attempted to persuade him to give it up. Arrogantly, Force then revealed that the head in the oven was just a mannequin and Maura Rayner was still alive. This caused Kyle to regain control of his ring and decapitated Force. Although Force was alive, Kyle had his head sealed in a bubble of Green Lantern energy and sent it hurling into outer space.[6][7]

One Year Later

Main article: Battle for Blüdhaven

Force reappeared a year after the events of Infinite Crisis as the field leader of Project S.H.A.D.E. while being charged into dealing with any metahuman who illegally entered Blüdhaven. This brought him and his team into a conflict with the Teen Titans, Monolith, Firebrand, and the Atomic Knights. Eventually, Force came into a fight with Hal Jordan and was then told by his comrade Major Victory to stand down; however, Force refused and responded by ripping off Major Victory's right, and beating him to death with it.[8] His revolting action caused Force's subordinates and some of the S.H.A.D.E. agents to refuse to stand by him. Eventually, Major Force was brought into conflict with a revived Captain Atom, and Force's rampage was quickly brought to an end when Captain Atom drained him of his energy, leaving his body to fall into the chaos left by the destruction of Blüdhaven at Atom's hand.[9]

Project 7734

Some time later, Major Force find himself working for General Samuel Lane, under Project 7734. Force was tasked into bringing a rogue Captain Atom into custody following the latter of regaining his memories and acting independent from Project 7734's ally Mirabai of Sorcerers' World. A battle between him and Captain Atom ensued, in which Force then transported themselves to Metropolis where the forces of Project 7734's were awaiting for Atom's capture. However, Force and the soldiers were subdued by Mon-El and allowing Captain Atom to escape after delivering a blow to Major Force.[10][11]


  • Dilustel Armor: Major Force's metallic shell, or "skin", is composed of a portion of the alien being known as Silver Shield, and is called Dilustel. Pieces of the aliens metal body were used in the Major Force Project, Project Captain Atom and similar projects thereafter. Unlike Captain Atom However, Force is able to coat himself with the metal yet unable to either partially or totally coat himself and therefore cannot revert to a human appearance. Force's symbiosis with the metal is such that even partially armored he is able to access the Quantum Field.
    • Quantum Field Manipulation: Major Force's metal skin is tied into the Quantum Field, which enables him to absorb and manipulate theoretically infinite amounts of energy, the amount of which he can use is, of course, limited by his will power. Major Force can fire and control energy of any form. However, his abilities stemmed from a different spectrum of field granting him different powers from Atom, aside from the superhuman strength and Invulnerability. This was theorized to be a result of the Major Force Project using double the amount of alien alloy and detonating a different blast yield of the bomb. He commonly manipulates his energy to generate matter into various shapes and forms like sliding ramps, entombing enemies or manipulating his own armor skin but the most common form is a simple dark matter blast. Over the years, Major Force has become an expert at his energy manipulation and he can fire from any point on his body even manipulating it in such ways as Force field Bubbles to simple bomb blasts, although he usually uses his hands for ease of aiming. He can fire in multiple directions at once or from every point of his body at once. Several times he has "detonated", releasing a massive amount of energy at once, destroying objects within a certain radius.
    • Superhuman Strength: His quantum link gave him superhuman strength. He is capable of lifting 100 tons with minimal effort.
    • Metamorphosis: After the criminal organization called Quorum incorporated some of Guy Gardner's alien DNA into his biometalic physiology,[12] Major Force can now morph his body into a host of different shapes in order to form weaponry with which he energizes with his quantum powers.[13]
    • Matter Absorption: Similar to how Atom can generate as well as absorb matter into himself, Major Force can theoretically absorb Dark Matter or other forms of matter into himself to grow more powerful.[14]
    • Self-Sustenance: life support allowing him to live and even speak in space
    • Energy Absorption: He has proven avid at energy absorption but not on the level of Captain Atom, using a dark variant of quantum energy to suck away solar radiation from superman.[15]
    • Energy Construct Creation: Making use of his dark quantum energies, Clifford can encapsulate objects to move them about in a telekinetic fashion or create energy shielding to deflect incoming attacks.[16][10]
    • Flight: He'd recently learned he can fly under his own power after reacquiring some genetic tailoring by Quorum,[17] he gained flight of his own being able to keep up with Atom in a contest of flight speed.[10]
    • Dark Matter Generation: Major Force can also create matter in the same manner he creates energy. Zmeck seemed to control matter much in the way Captain Atom controls energy. Therefore he could project blasts of dark matter from his hands and manipulate this matter into various shapes and quantities. He used this ability to create a hand to replace one that was blown off by explosives implanted under his skin.
      • Dark Matter Manipulation Force can not only conjure said matter but manipulate it down to the subatomic level, not only letting him reshape whatever material generated but to physically convert whatever he effects into Dark Matter as well. Having morphed one of Atom's quantum blasts into Dark Matter to lock his hands together the minuet said force struck him dead on.[18]
    • Immortality
    • Invulnerability: The Dilustel armor provides almost complete invulnerability from physical blows as well as energy projections.
    • Regeneration: Given time, Major Force could recover from almost any injury, even the dispersal of his molecules.
    • Resurrection: Force has the power to revive himself whenever he dies, with each return from the quantum field after his death he comes back stronger than ever, wielding new facilities to his powers that he couldn't access beforehand.


  • Stupidity: Major Force is not very intelligent.
  • Vulnerability to Extreme Temperatures: Due to his inability to properly absorb energy, Major forces dilustel body can be melted by high intensity temperature changes and then freeze him in place once cooled.
  • Dilustel Rupturing: If Major Force's armored skin is breached by sufficient force, he runs the risk of nuclear detonation.[19]
  • Involuntary Quantum Jumping: Whenever Major Force ended up dying or otherwise incapacitated, he'd end up trapped in the Quantum field until he fully regenerated.



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