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The Clipper was a hero who operated in Depression-era New York City. He acquired his name from his practice of clipping off the tops of the ears of criminals he did not kill or imprison, with the intention that they could never again pass as honest men.

He led a glamorous lifestyle when not fighting crime. Using a variety of aliases, he would attend large social gatherings to garner information that might tip him off to an injustice that needed to be righted.

The Clipper's methods were very extreme and very brutal but he was loved by the common people. However, he would sometimes apprehend a criminal, and then turn around and exact punishment on the victims for some small infraction made in the distant past.

One night while drunk, the Clipper came to the aid of a young Mason Trollbridge being pestered by bullies. The boy became his assistant and sidekick.

The Clipper eventually disappeared, giving his costume to Mason before he left.



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