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Information-silk Official Team Name
The Club of Villains
Information-silk Alignment
Information-silk Team Leader(s)
formerly Doctor Hurt
Information-silk Origin
Formed by the criminal Black Glove organization to destroy Batman
Information-silk Place of Formation
A mansion in Gotham City
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The Club of Villains followed the plans of Doctor Hurt, and as Batman was caught, they tried to capture various members of the Batman Family in a surgical strike. They caught Nightwing, and ambushed Alfred, but missed Robin.

Following their initial attack and the death of Doctor Hurt, at least one member of the group remained active in Gotham, and the prospect of an easy target probably lured a few more members to stay in the city.


Equipment: None known.

  • The group had access to a set of limousines, which they used to travel surrepticiously around Gotham.
  • On one occaision they used a plane to parachute onto Wayne Manor.

Weapons: None known.


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