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Coast City is a California urban center located less than half an hour from Edwards Air Force Base and twenty minutes from Fort Rock.[1] It is the home of Green Lantern Hal Jordan and many of his friends and family.


Coast City was founded as Presidio San Georgio in 1778 by Spanish explorer Sebastian Rodriguez Cermeno, and served as a fort for most of its time. It was captured by the Americans in the Mexican-American war of 1846. The town boomed under the 1879 gold rush, and was eventually renamed Coast City in 1901. Apart from aeronautics firm Ferris Aircraft, the city also boasts one of the busiest harbors on the west coast.[2]


Destruction of Coast City 01

Destroyed by Mongul

Coast City faced its darkest hour in the mid-nineties, when it was destroyed by Mongul, with most of its citizens killed. Mongul and his associate Cyborg Superman created Engine City from the rubble, meaning to turn Earth into the new Warworld.[3]

Among the dead were Clay Kendall[3] and Kari Limbo.[4] The city was memorialized with a large memorial park. The alien Alliance also briefly had their headquarters over the city.[5]


Coast City 001

The City Without Fear

The city would eventually be rebuilt under the Horne presidency, but progress was slow. It remained a ghost town for much of its early days. The United States Navy established a naval yard. James Jordan set up an insurance firm, but business was rocky.

The reconstruction was finalized one year after the events of Infinite Crisis. It was still a problem magnet for destruction, though, because its association with Hal Jordan made it a target during the Sinestro Corps War. The population refused to evacuate, morally supporting their hero by shining green lights in the sky. Now dubbed "The City Without Fear", the city gained an influx of business and people. By the time of the Final Crisis, the population reached two million.

Blackest Night

Coast City was picked as the location for the Black Lantern Central Power Battery because of its history of death. Nekron unleashed the population of Coast City - many of whom were never found and were still buried under the city. Earth's heroes, aided by the Lantern Corps, defeated Nekron in the city, restoring most order to the city.

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