A British ex-footballer, the Colonel was recruited by his native nation's government to serve the team leader role as Jenny Sparks of the G7 Authority. Despite being the team leader, the Colonel is very demoralizing (and incompetent) as he always insult every member of his team on a regular basis, most notably with Rush. And also, he was inadvertently responsible for allowing the richest nations on Earth to turn into third world nations. However, the Colonel managed to revert this back and admitted to his superior for his wrongdoings with the support of Chaplain Action, in which he was awarded for his rare nobility and selflessness.

Colonel's death

The Colonel's death by Midnighter.

Following the length of time for replacing the original Authority, the Colonel began (or has been before) cheating his wife, who was a pop star, for indulging with women who are made to lookalike as Jennifer Sparks. Ultimately, the Colonel was easily killed by Midnighter, who crushed the Colonel's neck with his foot.


Electrical powers, although apparently limited to producing electric shocks

  • The Colonel behaved like the classic football hooligan, and incorporated many of the more negative aspects of British working class stereotypes.