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Quote1 A physician once termed me insane-- correct veredict, I fear! Quote2
-- Colonel Sulphur src

Colonel Suplhur was a high-profile criminal, who was diagnosed with mental illness.

He first sought to get confidential information from the Government of the United States of America. He blackmailed an employee of a government institution in Gotham City in order to steal important documents. Sulphur kidnapped the employee's wife and threatened to kill her if the documents were not delivered to him within 24 hours. His plan was eventually thwarted by Batman.[1]

Not long after this, Sulphur tried to obtain a valuable gem from a former Navy man, who was found guilty of treason. Once again, Batman stopped Sulphur, but he failed to retrieve the stolen gem.[2]



  • Using a special prostethic hand instead of his missing hand, Sulphur hides a knife inside the artificial body part.


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