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Quote1 A world so sophisticated that every centimeter is covered with machines and computers. There hasn't been so much as a single blade of grass for centuries. Quote2
-- Superman


Colu is a planet in Space Sector 1287. It is home to a green skinned humanoid life form known as the Coluans. They are one of the most advanced species in the universe, with technological and scientific advancements dwarfing those of other planets. The government was organized so that the populace was governed by highly advanced computers. Over time these machines became corrupt and treated the people as slaves--they became known as the Computer Tyrants. Colu is the birthplace of the Dox family, whose legacy lasts well beyond the 31st Century. The most famous representatives of Colu are the world-conqueror Brainiac, his cloned son Vril Dox II--known as Brainiac 2--and Brainiac 5 of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Colu is a rim world found on the approach to the Magellanic Clouds. It is the only inhabitable planet of its solar system and is the fourth planet from its sun. The surface is split 50/50 between land and water, and while it has polar ice caps and a few deserts, it is mostly temperate.

The Coluans live in large cities, with less than 1% of its population residing outside of those cities.

Pre-Crisis, the Computers took over the planet and created Brainiac to act as a spy on other worlds.



  • The planet has six moons orbiting its equator.

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