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Connie Noleski was born in Texas, but left to pursue a modeling career. She suffers from asthma and uses an inhaler quite frequently. She moved in with Wally West in his Middle Hampton mansion for a short while, but their relationship ended before Wally met Tina McGee. [1]

She later dropped by Wally's old mansion, which had become Chunk's, while she was in town for a shoot, but Wally was visiting Chunk. He decided to take her out to a Rogues Gallery party honoring Captain Cold. [2]

Having always felt less than extraordinary appearance-wise around Wally in costume, Connie asked one of her friends, an aspiring fashion designer, to make a costume for her. She began her super-hero career helping out in the search for Wally after he was taken hostage by the Turtle. Her stunning appearance was enough to distract some of the Turtle's henchman while the cops arrived. [3]



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