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"Game Over": John Constantine rushes back to Dotty's Pet Shop, hoping that he is not too late. For him, there are fates worse than death, and when he returns to his secret apartment in the shop and finds it empty of its magical artifacts, he realizes that he ha

Quote1 I've no mind to be killed. Nor to lose me family. I know how this works. M'name is Julia Everheart and I'm a bloody witch and none of you have ever asked me before and I do want to join the Cold Flame! D'you hear me? Quote2
-- Julia Everheart

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  • Ruby of Life. (Mentioned only)


Synopsis for "Game Over"

John Constantine rushes back to Dotty's Pet Shop, hoping that he is not too late. For him, there are fates worse than death, and when he returns to his secret apartment in the shop and finds it empty of its magical artifacts, he realizes that he has met one of those fates.

With John's magic items in their hands, the Cult of the Cold Flame can now find every magic-user in the world - and many of them are now targets. Though Sargon is eager to seek those targets, Mister E insists that it will be he who goes, as she has failed in the past. She reminds, though, that Zatanna's life belongs to her.

The first target is the so-called Witch of Deepwater, a fortune-teller in Perth, Australia. She had long ago predicted Mister E's visit, and is unsurprised by his sudden appearance before her. He warns that when she refused to join the Cult of the Cold Flame years ago, she had sealed her fate for today. He would take her power from her, whether she gives it willingly or not - and he takes her life along with it.

Dotty overhears John vomiting in his room and calls out to him. She explains that a magician came to her and helped her to speak with her dead husband. Reluctantly, John has to inform her that this was merely an illusion, and now he has to make sure that whatever Mister E did to her isn't going to be a problem.

Mister E's next stop is in Italy, where Il Stregone, whose good deeds have, Mister E claims, required that he pay the Cult of the Cold Flame for them. Annoyed, Il Stregone responds that Mister E is not the first to come to him looking for some kind of "payment," and he will never pay anyone until he is dead. Mister E responds that he has come to ensure that Il Stregone does exactly that.

With John's artifacts assembled before him, the wizard Tannarak begins to drain them of their magic power. While one third of that power is absorbed into him, the other two thirds spread out around the world. It is felt by Felix Faust in Louisiana and is terrified. The Spectre feels the magic wave spreading, and worries that his brand divine vengeance will need to be meted out soon. Even in Hell, Etrigan spots the wave of magic, and laughs. In New York City, though, Papa Midnite knows that this is Constantine's failure made manifest.

Sargon visits John to mock him, explaining that the light he now sees in her is all that remains of his life's work. In his attempts to keep the Cult of the Cold Flame at bay, he had brought them together with the tools they'd need to gain more power. To wit, she is more powerful now than he, and as she once dreamed of killing him, his fate would now be hers to decide. Expecting her to make that dream a reality, John is surprised when she plants a kiss on his lips, and takes him away.

Mister E pays a visit in London to Julia Everheart and her daughter, warning that he knows that she and John Constantine were once lovers. Knowing that the Cult intends to kill her and her family, Julia states that she does want to join the Cold Flame. With the rules being what they are, Mister E is compelled to accept her application, and orders Julia to send her daughter upstairs, and then come with him.

Sargon has her way with John, and warns that she will kill him if he leaves her. Pleased, she wonders how he ever thought he could win against the Cult, and draws him in for another kiss. A sudden shock of magical energy fills John's body with pain, as he feels Mister E behind him. The southern magician warns that while John may have found a way to have his fun in all of this, he now belongs to the Cult, and the end of that fun is now.


  • This book was first published on October 9, 2013.
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