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Control Freak, the Titans' self-proclaimed "arch-nemesis," was an overweight and unshaven movie fanatic notorious for using his super remote control to warp reality to suit his movie-inspired images. However, he rarely used his great intellect, trying instead to build up his persona of a famous super-villain. Upon finding out that he is not on the Titans' list of notorious villains in "for real," he angrily exclaims that he is a recurring villain and therefore should be on the list.

He first encountered the Teen Titans when he was terrorizing a video store, threatening them to add Warp Trek V to their list of top movies. He later commandeered a TV station and drew the Titans into a world of various kinds of TV programs, where Beast Boy defeated him by trapping him into a "pocket dimension". He later escaped and challenged the Titans East into a superhero contest to prove themselves as worthy as the main West division of heroes.

He was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, but even with his remote he proved to be unable to defeat Kilowatt by himself until the Puppet King intervened. Like the other Brotherhood of Evil villains, he ended up flash-frozen by the Titans.




  • Control Freak's Remote Control
    • Reality Alteration: Control Freak's remote had the ability to alter reality with the push of a button.
    • Teleportation: With his remote, Control Freak could teleport in and out of a television screen at will.[1]


  • Lightsaber (formerly): Control Freak used a mock lighsaber to fend off the Titans. When he was defeated, he lost the lightsaber and returned to reality.[2]



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