When Jackson Dane requested that Dexter LeMoyne be transferred into his Team-7 squad, LeMoyne's Navy Seal bosses were glad to see the back of him, as they considered him a troublemaker. LeMoyne had a checkered past, complete with a conviction for voluntary manslaughter, and his problems with authority saw him jailed, so he was glad to accept his new assignment. Soon afterwards Dane's squad were sent on a suicide mission and betrayed by their superiors. They became bonded to experimental symbiotes which granted them great powers, renamed themselves Wetworks, and went to war with the supernatural Night Tribes. Jester remained with the squad until it finally disbanded.


  • Golden Symbiote: Like all members of Wetworks, Jester is bonded to a symbiote which normally hides inside him, but can flow out to coat his skin with a golden armor.


  • Cord Lemoyne is also known as Lieutenant Lemoyne.