As a decorated member of the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit Sergeant Corey Mills was selected as the test pilot for a newly developed suit of armor built by LexCorp.

Originally designed by John Henry Irons, a leading engineer working for Lex Luthor, the battle armor was meant to allow members of the SCU to each be as effective in their duties as Superman, and during its initial presentation allowed Sgt Mills to assist Superman in evacuating a burning tower block, before using the suit's in-built grenade launcher to smother the fires.

However the biofeedback caused by the armor's user interface, which was meant to increase the suit's strength and abilities over time, led Sgt Mills to become more aggressive and violent, as well as influencing his behavior in more subtle ways. When his wife confronted Sgt Mills about his decision to shave his head, in order to improve the conductivity of the user interface, he became defensive of his relationship to the suit.

Later that night, Sgt Mills snuck out of his house in order to go patrolling off-duty. Discovering an illegal chop shop Sgt Mills engaged the carjackers aggressively, attacking them with deadly force with no concern for collateral damage.

When Superman arrived just in time to prevent Sgt Mills from killing one of the carjackers the police officer attacked the Man of Steel, claiming that the superhero was interfering with police business. The battle was soon interrupted by the arrival of other SCU officers, including Maggie Sawyer who demanded to know exactly what Sgt Mills was doing.

Finding himself placed under medical leave while the SCU assessed the side effects of the battle suit Sgt Mills soon found himself suffering from withdrawal and became angry when a televised interview with Maggie Sawyer implied overs may be given access to 'his' suit.

Breaking into the police department Sgt Mills stole the battle suit and headed for LexCorp to try and solicit Luthor's aid. He was soon betrayed by Luthor, who attempted to use a deactivation device on the battle suit to shut it down only to be interrupted by Superman.

In battle against the Man of Steel Sgt Mills proved to be a match for Superman, but eventually was defeated when Superman managed to overload the suit's power supply by attaching the LexCorp power generators directly into the suit. With the suit shut down Sgt Mills was successfully removed from it, and after a period of convalescence returned to his duties with SCU, without the battle suit.

In the aftermath of the incident Superman commented to John Henry Irons, who had resigned from LexCorp in protest against Luthor's handing of the suit's problems, that with a little work the armor could still be used for good. Working independently John Henry Irons adapted the armor, eventually building his own, less invasive set of armor, becoming the hero Steel.


Bio-neural feedback designed to improve the interface between the armor and the user can lead to mental instability for the pilot, making them more aggressive and violent and affecting their reasoning in order to promote the suit's own abilities over any other concerns.

While this is in no way directed, the suit exhibits no personality or higher level reasoning, the pilot's personality slowly becomes more dependent on the suit's influence and the power it brings.


Enhanced armor plating


Jetpack provided flight


Black light lasers, grenade launchers

  • Corey Mills was voiced by Xander Berkeley.
  • The battle suit's official designation is given as the LexCorp Series Alpha Police Battle Suit during its initial presentation. Luthor planned to mass produce the armor once the prototype proved successful.
  • As the armor only made one appearance on the show the mass production didn't seem to go ahead, whether this is a direct result of Sgt Mill's action or because John Henry Irons, the project lead in the suit's development, had left LexCorp isn't revealed.



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