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Countdown Vol 1 45


Countdown Vol 1 45

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"Monitor Duty": Forerunner prepares to kill Jason Todd, but Donna Troy swoops up between them and punches Forerunner across the National Mall. Forerunner smiles as she picks herself up - enticed at the thought of a true challenge.

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Synopsis for "Monitor Duty"

Forerunner prepares to kill Jason Todd, but Donna Troy swoops up between them and punches Forerunner across the National Mall. Forerunner smiles as she picks herself up - enticed at the thought of a true challenge.

In Metropolis, Jimmy Olsen stands outside the apartment complex in Suicide Slum where the New God Sleez was mysteriously murdered. He records his thoughts into a mini-recorder and reflects upon his recent newly acquired super-powers. While Jimmy walks away lost in thought, a homeless man takes note of another pedestrian in Suicide Slum - Holly Robinson.

Back at the Lincoln Memorial, Donna and Forerunner continue their fight. Donna even picks up a machine gun left behind by a dead soldier in the hope of putting Forerunner down quickly. The alien assassin easily dodges the bullets and hurls her own weapons towards Donna. Donna just as easily deflects the attack with her bracelets. Forerunner succeeds in getting a few savage blows in, but suddenly a Monitor arrives and halts the fight. He zaps Forerunner in the back, and reveals that she is in service to his Monitor brethren. This Monitor however, is not happy with Forerunner's progress and does not wish to see Donna or Jason killed. Instead, he tells each of them that he is in need of their help.

Meanwhile on the Justice League satellite, Doctor Mid-Nite lets the Karate Kid out of his cell where he reunites with his teammates Dream Girl and Starman. Mid-Nite still does not understand why these futuristic heroes have appeared in the 21st century. Karate Kid tells him that Dream Girl predicted that one of the Legion members will die in this time line.

In Washington, the Monitor teleports away, taking Jason and Donna with him. Forerunner rips away her braid, which functioned as a physical link between her people and the Monitors. From a short distance away, Monarch views Forerunner's plight.

Appearing in "History of the Multiverse (Part V of XII)"

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Synopsis for "History of the Multiverse (Part V of XII)"

The Monitors review the events where the Justice League of America of Earth-One began to discover other alternate realities such as Earth-Prime, which had been previously devoid of super-humans. They also analyze the Justice League and Justice Society's first encounter with the heroes of Earth-S. They even view events that take place in the 30th century with the futuristic super-hero team, the Legion of Super-Heroes. Each new encounter of a parallel reality only served to pave the way for a "Crisis of infinite proportion".


  • This issue shipped on June 20th, 2007.


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