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Countdown Vol 1 51


Countdown Vol 1 51

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"Look to the Skies": On Apokolips, Darkseid conspires with his cohort DeSaad over the fate of the cosmos. Darkseid sees himself quickly taking control and recreating the universe in his image.

Quote1 I see the time fast approaching when existence itself shall be recreated, and Darkseid shall be it's architect. Quote2
-- Darkseid

Appearing in "Look to the Skies"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • For a complete list of characters who appear on the foldout cover, See Below.



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Synopsis for "Look to the Skies"

On Apokolips, Darkseid conspires with his cohort DeSaad over the fate of the cosmos. Darkseid sees himself quickly taking control and recreating the universe in his image.

Back on Earth, Duela Dent goes to a nightclub where she encounters singer/actress Tracey Angel. Taking an interest in Tracey, she abducts her and jumps out a nearby window. They begin parachuting to the ground, but someone fires a shot and the parachute begins to collapse. Duela drops Tracey Angel, but the Red Hood appears on a rooftop and catches her. Duela manages to evade capture.

Later, Mary Marvel is released from the hospital. She talks to the receptionist about her bill, and tells her that she doesn’t have any medical insurance. The receptionist reveals that all of her costs have been paid for by Freddy Freeman. Mary finds a note from Freddy that reads, "Don't try to find me". Outside the hospital, she speaks the magic word, "Shazam", but instead of a lightning bolt, all she receives is rain.

Elsewhere, the Trickster arrives at Heat Wave's apartment for a keg party. Heat Wave reminds him that he was never invited, and states that this party is for "hardcore Rogues" only, not slimy turncoats. From the skylight outside, the Pied Piper views their conversation with great interest. He fears that the Trickster may be trying to horn in on his territory.

Back in New York, Duela Dent hits the streets and continues running away from the Red Hood. Suddenly, one of the Monitors appears before her and begins firing at her with a laser weapon. She spins around and runs in the opposite direction, but the Monitor manages to shoot her in the back. The Red Hood catches up and tries to protect her, but he is powerless against a Monitor. A second monitor shows up and tells his brother that he has violated the rules. The rogue monitor tells him that it is well within his authority to dispense with world-hopping vermin.

The second Monitor leaves Earth and flies into outer space. He arrives at the Source Wall and asks, "What is the solution to the great disaster?" The hallowed voice of the Source Wall echoes a single name – Ray Palmer.




  • Harlequin states that she's from a neighboring Earth.
  • Harlequin reveals that she knows that the Red Hood is Jason Todd, who had been considered to have a pseudo-secret identity. It can be assumed she found this out during her time as a Teen Titan.

Cover Cast

The full list of people who appear on the cover to this issue includes:

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