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Countdown to Final Crisis Vol 1 9


Countdown to Final Crisis Vol 1 9

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"Pay the Piper": From within the assimilated Apokolips Piper awakes from his fall and finds DeSaad unconscious. DeSaad immediately awakes and demands Piper to play his flute, but the two are confronted by the OMAC-Una carrying [[Val Armorr

Quote1 Stand up straight, Firestorm. We're about to die gloriously. Quote2
-- Red Robin

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Synopsis for "Pay the Piper"

From within the assimilated Apokolips Piper awakes from his fall and finds DeSaad unconscious. DeSaad immediately awakes and demands Piper to play his flute, but the two are confronted by the OMAC-Una carrying Karate Kid. Anger of the OMAC for close in ruining his plan, DeSaad reveals that he mastermind Trickster and Piper's ordeal in order to harness the Anti-Life Equation that Piper could control. DeSaad is then blasted by the OMAC, and the replicator focus it's attention on Piper.

Meanwhile, Darkseid reveals to Monitor Solomon of not caring for Apokolips' demise to Brother Eye as he believes that everything ends in his terms.

Elsewhere, Red Robin infiltrate Brother Eye's lair and finds the OMAC-Una carrying Karate Kid and Piper, and follows them.

Above the surface the Challengers from Beyond along with Mary Marvel, Harley Quinn and Holly Robinson relates their previous adventures and tries to find Red Robin. The group decides to find their answers with Brother Eye as they go underground. As they journey underground, DeSaad recovers and follows them in finding Piper.

At that moment, Brother Eye examines Karate Kid and plans in dissecting the Morticoccus Virus from him. As Piper watches the operation he notice Red Robin.

Red Robin finds the imprisoned Firestorm and the Atomic Knights. Before Jason could freed them, Brother Eye detects him and sends the OMAC-Una to attack Jason. In the process of their fight, Firestorm is freed. The Challengers and the others finds Red Robin and fights the OMAC. As they fight, the Atom frees Karate Kid. After Kyle Rayner trap the OMAC with his ring, the Atom examines Karate Kid and shock to learn from Brother Eye that Val carries the Morticoccus Virus. Brother Eye then teleports the Challengers and their allies (along with the OMAC-Una) out of the room via Boom Tube to be confronted by a horde of OMACs.

Back in Brother Eye's lair, DeSaad tracks down Piper and coerce him to play his flute to unleash the Anti-Life Equation; however, Piper plays his flute against DeSaad in payback for what he has done to him and Trickster, by exploding DeSaad's head. After killing DeSaad, Piper confronts Brother Eye and unleash the Anti-Life Equation against the AI by playing a "swan song" (The Show Must Go On) in a tribute to Trickster. Attacked by the Anti-Life Equation, Brother Eye immediately retreats from Apokolips as Piper's song damage the planet.

As Brother Eye leave, every being that are turned into an OMAC are freed including Una.


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