Anima is a teenage super-hero who gained powers during Bloodlines, making her one of the New Bloods. Her power is to drain energy and use it in different ways. Her companion is the Animus, an energy creature that she is able to summon.


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Courtney Mason grew up in New Orleans with her brother Jeremy. Her divorced parents are Dwight and Willow, a media-rep for Dayton Industries and a spiritual hippy. She was kidnapped by a death-worshiping cult whose leaders were alien parasites. The monster Lissik sucked her spinal fluid out, which activated her latent meta-gene. This unlocked metahuman powers that allow her to drain life energy and summon the powerful Animus. The New Titans came to her rescue, and helped drive away the parasites. Courtney decided to fly away, as she had killed a man and was afraid she would hurt her family.[1] Taking the name Anima, she would form a team with other New Bloods including Edge, Loose Cannon, Nightblade, and Sparx. They are seen recruiting Prism after Anima defeats him. Prism enlists them to fight the parasite Angon, who was possessed by Eclipso.[2]

President Clinton asked the New Bloods to turn themselves in for public record. Anima refused, as she did not want to be on a government watchlist. Every other super-hero is called in to deal with the parasites, and the parasites finish their mission. The Taker is summoned, and he paralyzes then swallows every hero except Superman.[3] The New Bloods are immune to the Taker, and Superman enlists them when they feel called to his location. Anima and Joe Public are able to channel the powers of the entire group and feed them into Animus. This makes Animus as big as the Taker, and he finally defeats the monster.[4]


Courtney Mason refuses to return home, as she can't control her powers. Her first destination is Gotham City, where she spends Christmas Eve homeless. Despite her abrasive nature, she quickly makes friends with a band called Boojum when she protects them from a street gang. They offer to take her on tour so she'll have somewhere to go.[5]

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Wonder Woman summons an army of female heroes to battle Circe during The Witch & The Warrior. Anima is among those called.[6] In the battle against Circe's army of female super-villains, she is seen fighting Touch N Go.[7] Wonder Girl assembles an army of teenage heroes during Fighting Maad. They gather to help Empress take revenge on the Baron for killing her father.[8] Together they invade Zandia, and battle the super-villain army led by Devastation.[9] Animus helps her break out of a trap set by Trickster with Allure, Lagoon Boy, Pyrogen, Solution, and Spoiler. The fighting ends when Lady Zand reclaims her throne.[10] Anima is seen again during Infinite Crisis as one of many heroes attending the massive church service.[11] She is later one of many super-humans with alien origins controlled by Despero during The Enemies Among Us.[12]

Teen Titans

Cyborg recruits Anima when he's assembling a new team of Titans East. This team also includes Dove, Hawk, Lagoon Boy, Little Barda, Power Boy, and Son of Vulcan. They are brought to Titans Tower for training exercises, where Cyborg tries to make them bond as a group. The entire group is devastated by a surprise attack during practice, before their first mission. This leaves every member in critical condition, and Power Boy dead.[13]

Batman investigates the crime scene, and Anima is listed as comatose. They believe that Trigon was responsible for the attack.[14] This disaster is shown to haunt Cyborg, and heavily weigh on his conscience.[15] Phobia uses images of Anima and his other recruits dying to torment him.[16]


The Blood Pack comes together again, and Anima becomes a member. They patrol Gotham City when Hook is murdered by the second Prometheus. Anima, Argus, and Gunfire finally catch him. They're interrupted by the original Prometheus, who intends to kill his successor. Prometheus tells them to run, but they stand their ground. Anima is killed while leaping towards him, as he opens a dimensional portal and splits her in half at the waist. Her upper torso is left to float for eternity in the Ghost Zone, with her eyes open.[17]


  • Bio-Energy Leech: Able to leech bio-energy from living and non-living things.
  • Transformation: Her body contains the Animus, a shadow being possessing powerful abilities.


  • Anima took her name from a broken sign that used to say "Animal Reservation." Having just died, she could not remember her own name. Pantha heard her repeating this word and assumed it was her name.[1]



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