The Creature from Jones Lake is the antagonist of a monster movie, It Came from Jones Lake, visited by the Teen Titans when they went inside the television.

When the villain Control Freak entered the television using his magic remote control, the Teen Titans followed him using a similar device.

While they were chasing Control Freak through many channels, they eventually lose him and end up in an old monster movie. In the movie, the Creature of Jones Lake rises out of the water and attacks the heroes. The Titans split up, ending up in different channels.

The Creature of Jones Lake is soon recruited, with 7-Gorn-7 and the Off-World Outlaw, by Control Freak to hunt down the Titans. All three villains accept and begin their search through the channels.

The Creature is the first to find a Titan when it finds Cyborg. The monster beats Cyborg into a channel where Raven is waiting. The Creature is so destructive that it breaks the channel they are on.

Later, the Titans regroup and fight all three assassins together. The battle becomes so chaotic that 7-Gorn-7 accidentally shoots the Creature of Jones Lake. The monster vanishes and most likely returns to its movie. [1]

When the Brotherhood of Evil began its purge of heroes, Control Freak was assigned to fight Kilowatt. Among the henchmen Control Freak flung at the hero was the Creature of Jones Lake. The monster was, however, quickly beaten and never seen again. [2]


  • Amphibian: The Creature preys in Jones Lake and has shown impressive abilities in water.
  • Superhuman Strength: The Creature of Jones Lake can easily throw Cyborg several feet. The monster is so strong that he is capable of destroying an entire television channel. [3]


  • Weak Endurance: The Creature has very low endurance and, if hit with enough force, will immediately be returned to its movie.
  • During the brawl between the Titans and all three assassins, the Creature of Jones Lake was the first assassin to be defeated.