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Crisis on Infinite Earths Vol 1 9


Crisis on Infinite Earths Vol 1 9

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"War Zone": On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe make a last-ditch effort to combat the hysteria that is gripping the universe. They recruit Guy Gardner back into the Green Lantern Corps and give him a ring again.

Quote1 Well, Luthor, I killed Brainiac, so now -- Psimon says Luthor must die as well! Quote2
-- Psimon

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Synopsis for "War Zone"

On Oa, the Guardians of the Universe make a last-ditch effort to combat the hysteria that is gripping the universe. They recruit Guy Gardner back into the Green Lantern Corps and give him a ring again.

Suddenly, a cosmic crimson flame from beyond the void washes over Oa. The Green Lantern Citadel is destroyed and all but one of the six remaining Guardians are killed. Guy Gardner swears vengeance.

Meanwhile, a cadre of Earth's most powerful super-villains gathers together aboard Brainiac's starship. Lex Luthor coordinates the meeting declaring that she shall take advantage of the Crisis by holding the multiple Earths hostage. Alexi Luthor of Earth-Two protests, citing that he should lead the cadre rather than his Earth-One counterpart. Brainiac concedes that there is no need for two Lex Luthors and destroys the Earth-Two Luthor.

Reporters have dubbed the point where the five remaining Earths intersect one another as the Warp Zone. Within this area, a strange time-distortion effect has allowed for creatures and entities from various timelines to interact with one another. Dinosaurs are seen stomping through the same New York City streets as World War I era biplanes and futuristic starships.

At the United Nations, representatives from the various parallel dimensions address the assembly. Key speakers include Pariah, Harbinger and Alexander Luthor. The nation leaders are concerned that the spreading chaos may result in an inter-Earth war. During the address, a holographic image of Lex Luthor appears before them and extends an ultimatum. Citing that he already controls three of the five Earths, he demands the unconditional surrender of the remaining two, or else he and Brainiac will unleash a destructive force that will obliterate all five.

While the other heroes struggle to pierce the barrier separating the merging Earths, Jay Garrick recruits Kid Flash to help him. They rebuild Barry Allen's cosmic treadmill and use their combined speed to pierce the barrier.

Meanwhile, Luthor's cadre of villains takes advantage of the situation. They spread themselves across the realities, sowing chaos and discord at every turn. Chemo poisons the waters surrounding Hudson Bay, killing Aquagirl. Doctor Phosphorus brutally injures Hawkman. The Joker and Poison Ivy capture Freedom Force. Eclipso incapacitates Wonder Woman and the Justice League fight the Brotherhood of Evil.

Back on Brainiac's ship, Luthor and Brainiac continue to coordinate their plans. Should the governments of the combined Earths fail to meet their demands, Luthor is more than ready to destroy all five planets. Suddenly, Psimon appears from behind the shadows. He is the only super-villain that did not join with the others planet-side. Using his powerful mental energy, Psimon blasts Brainiac, shattering him into a thousand pieces. He then brings himself to bear upon Lex Luthor.


  • Harlequin (Molly Mayne) can be seen with both the villains and the heroes. She is seen on Brainiac's ship on page four, and again with the heroes on page 16.


  • Page 8, Panel 6 of this story features the character of Scribbly, with pictures of Sugar and Spike on top of a dresser.

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