Crystal Brown is the former wife of the criminal Cluemaster and the mother of Stephanie Brown.

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After Stephanie's death, Crystal went to the Gotham Cemetery and found Bruce Wayne standing on the gravesite of her daughter. While talking to Wayne, Crystal blamed Batman for the death of Stephanie and for all the sorrow she endured.[1]

Shortly after, Crystal was contacted by Arturo Rodriguez and he requested her to be on his show.[2] During the show, Rodriguez asked several questions that were out of place and Crystal began to feel uneasy during the interview. The interview was cut short when Black Mask showed up dressed as Batman and attacked Arturo and Crystal in front of the cameras. Batman appeared and stopped Black Mask, who ran away from the place, leaving Stephanie's medical records half burned on stage and Crystal picked them up. As Batman tried to recover them, she ripped the folder to pieces, leaving the mystery behind Stephanie's death unresolved.[3]

Crystal was relieved after the return of Stephanie, who had faked her death.

When Stephanie decided to retire from being Spoiler, Crystal supported her and they worked together to make things work as a family.[4]