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Cullen Row and his sister were abused by their father as children, leading to her seeking emancipation and taking Cullen to live in an apartment away from him. He is often bullied at school for being homosexual, which leads his sister to get into many fights defending him.[1]

On the night of the Wayne Gala, which Harper received a ticket to, Cullen helped her to dress for the evening, convincing her to remove her piercings and jokingly suggesting for her to invite Tim Drake back to their apartment so he could seduce him. While she is away, a group of bullies break in, attacking Cullen and shaving "FAG" into the back of his head. Upon returning, Harper says she will fix things, doing the same to her hair in support.

A few days later after school, the same group of bullies follow the two as they return home. Cornering them in an ally, Harper stuns one of the with a taser, but this proves useless when more show up. They are saved by the arrival of Batman. Both siblings look for ways to repay him for what he'd done for them, Cullen stating he planned to get a bat symbol tattoo.



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