Senator Culler Strand has led a double life. In one, he is a member of the United States Senate, and runs for the presidency of the United States. In the other one, he is a cross dresser who in his female persona runs the Defense Department Intelligence as the 'Madame Director'.[1]

As Madame Director, he commanded Agent Romero into following Tefé Holland, who was travelling through the country finding her purpose. While travelling, the daughter of the Senator, Heather Strand, outed him as a transvestite on television. Tefé saw the press conference, and made her resolution to save the girl, so she kidnapped her.[2]

While his girl was kidnapped, the Senator appeared on television calling his daughter back, while as Madame Director, tried to capture her, or Tefé. When he finally recovered his daughter, he presented himself to his daughter in his Madame Director persona, and tortured her, to make her confess that all that she was saying about Senator Culler Strand were lies. When his daughter rejected to confess, Madame Director removed his wig, and forced her to confess once again, as nobody was going to rescue her.

Later, in another press conference, his daughter confessed to have lied about her father cross dressing.[3]



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