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Earth)/Appearances, Antithesis (New Earth)/Appearances, Tinya Wazzo (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Tula (New Earth)/Appearances, Orin (New Earth)/Appearances, Arak Red-Hand (New Earth)/Appearances, Anton Arcane (New Earth)/Appearances, Arashi Ohashi (New Earth)/Appearances, Ares (New Earth)/Appearances, Argent (Team)/Appearances, Antonia Monetti (New Earth)/Appearances, Ahri'ahn (New Earth)/Appearances, Nicholas Kovak (New Earth)/Appearances, Arisia Rrab (New Earth)/Appearances, Arrakhat (New Earth)/Appearances, Suzanne King-Jones (New Earth)/Appearances, Roy Harper (New Earth)/Appearances, Artemis of Bana-Mighdall (New Earth)/Appearances, Artemiz (New Earth)/Appearances, Aruna Shende (New Earth)/Appearances, Aryan Brigade/Appearances, Asmodel (New Earth)/Appearances, Atlan (New Earth)/Appearances, Atlas (New Earth)/Appearances, Marak Russen (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Albert Pratt (New Earth)/Appearances, Raymond Palmer (New Earth)/Appearances, Gardner Grayle (New Earth)/Appearances, Joseph Martin (New Earth)/Appearances, Albert Rothstein (New Earth)/Appearances, Axis America/Appearances, Azazel (New Earth)/Appearances, Uno (New Earth)/Appearances, Jean-Paul Valley (New Earth)/Appearances, Zviad Baazovi (New Earth)/Appearances, Steven Savage (New Earth)/Appearances, Bane (New Earth)/Appearances, Jason Bard (New Earth)/Appearances, Baron Blitzkrieg (New Earth)/Appearances, Bartholomew Lash (New Earth)/Appearances, Cassandra Cain (New Earth)/Appearances, Bruce Wayne (New Earth)/Appearances, Bat-Mite (New Earth)/Appearances, Baytor (New Earth)/Appearances, Garfield Logan (New Earth)/Appearances, Beautiful Dreamer (New Earth)/Appearances, Michael Morice (New Earth)/Appearances, Beelzebub (New Earth)/Appearances, Garryn Bek (New Earth)/Appearances, Bekka (New Earth)/Appearances, Belial (New Earth)/Appearances, Belphegor (New Earth)/Appearances, Bernadeth (New Earth)/Appearances, Bibbo Bibbowski (New Earth)/Appearances, Big Barda (New Earth)/Appearances, Big Bear (New 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(New Earth)/Appearances, Lawrence Bolatinsky (New Earth)/Appearances, Michael Jon Carter (New Earth)/Appearances, Sasha Bordeaux (New Earth)/Appearances, Dawnstar (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Boy Commandos/Appearances, Samuel Bradley (New Earth)/Appearances, Brain (New Earth)/Appearances, Vril Dox I (New Earth)/Appearances, Querl Dox (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Ren Daggle (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Brimstone (New Earth)/Appearances, Benjamin Turner (New Earth)/Appearances, Brotherhood of Dada/Appearances, Sebastian Blood VIII (New Earth)/Appearances, Brother Power (New Earth)/Appearances, Guillermo Barrera (New Earth)/Appearances, Susan Kent (New Earth)/Appearances, Deanna Barr (New Earth)/Appearances, James Barr (New Earth)/Appearances, Harvey Bullock (New Earth)/Appearances, Karen Beecher (New Earth)/Appearances, Bernal Rojas (New Earth)/Appearances, Cachiru (New Earth)/Appearances, Cadre (New Earth)/Appearances, David Cain (New Earth)/Appearances, Cain (New Earth)/Appearances, Abel (New Earth)/Appearances, Nathaniel Adam (New Earth)/Appearances, George Harkness (New Earth)/Appearances, Leonard Snart (New Earth)/Appearances, Adam Blake (New Earth)/Appearances, Mark Compass (Earth-One)/Appearances, Fero (New Earth)/Appearances, Benjamin Hunter (New Earth)/Appearances, Frederick Freeman (New Earth)/Appearances, William Batson (New Earth)/Appearances, Albrecht Krieger (New Earth)/Appearances, William Storm (New Earth)/Appearances, Richard Dare (New Earth)/Appearances, Lucas Carr (New Earth)/Appearances, Calvin Carson (New Earth)/Appearances, Sujatmi Sunowaparti (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Blake (New Earth)/Appearances, Selina Kyle (New Earth)/Appearances, Catseye (New Earth)/Appearances, Celeste McCauley (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Arani Desai (New Earth)/Appearances, Mark Armstrong (New Earth)/Appearances, Chain Lightning (New Earth)/Appearances, Challengers of the Unknown (New Earth)/Appearances, Reep Daggle (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Drury Walker (New Earth)/Appearances, Charybdis (New Earth)/Appearances, Cameron Chase (New Earth)/Appearances, Andre Chavard (New Earth)/Appearances, Checkmate (New Earth)/Appearances, Priscilla Rich (New Earth)/Appearances, Barbara Ann Minerva (New Earth)/Appearances, Sebastian Ballesteros (New Earth)/Appearances, Condo Arlik (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Chemo (New Earth)/Appearances, Jade Nguyen (New Earth)/Appearances, Niles Caulder (New Earth)/Appearances, Ch'p (New Earth)/Appearances, Christopher Ambler (New Earth)/Appearances, David Clinton (New Earth)/Appearances, Walker Gabriel (New Earth)/Appearances, Chrysalis (New Earth)/Appearances, David Hersch (New Earth)/Appearances, Katherine Manser (New Earth)/Appearances, Cinnamon II (New Earth)/Appearances, Circe (New Earth)/Appearances, Valcan (New Earth)/Appearances, Joshua Clay (New Earth)/Appearances, Basil Karlo (New Earth)/Appearances, Matthew Hagen (New Earth)/Appearances, Preston Payne (New Earth)/Appearances, Sondra Fuller (New Earth)/Appearances, William Tockman (New Earth)/Appearances, Flying Cloud (New Earth)/Appearances, Arthur Brown (New Earth)/Appearances, Malcolm Thawne (New Earth)/Appearances, Andrea Martinez (New Earth)/Appearances, C.O.M.P.U.T.O. (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Conglomerate (New Earth)/Appearances, Congorilla (New Earth)/Appearances, Erica Alexandra del Portenza (New Earth)/Appearances, Copperhead (New Earth)/Appearances, Kako (New Earth)/Appearances, Rokk Krinn (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Werner Vertigo (New Earth)/Appearances, Creature Commandos (New Earth)/Appearances, Jack Ryder (New Earth)/Appearances, Crime Syndicate of Amerika (Antimatter Universe)/Appearances, Lee Travis (New Earth)/Appearances, Jill Carlyle (New Earth)/Appearances, Vivian D'Aramis (New Earth)/Appearances, Cronus (New Earth)/Appearances, Victor Stone (New Earth)/Appearances, Henry Henshaw (New Earth)/Appearances, Garn Daanuth (New Earth)/Appearances, Grant Emerson (New Earth)/Appearances, Damien Darhk (New Earth)/Appearances, Mordru (New Earth)/Appearances, Dark Nemesis/Appearances, Dark Opal (New Earth)/Appearances, Uxas (New Earth)/Appearances, Darkstars/Appearances, Daxamites/Appearances, Boston Brand (New Earth)/Appearances, Floyd Lawton (New Earth)/Appearances, Death (New Earth)/Appearances, Slade Wilson (New Earth)/Appearances, Demolition Team (New Earth)/Appearances, Etrigan (New Earth)/Appearances, Demons Three/Appearances, DeSaad (New Earth)/Appearances, Despero (New Earth)/Appearances, Destiny (New Earth)/Appearances, Bobo T. Chimpanzee (New Earth)/Appearances, Devastation (New Earth)/Appearances, Devilance (New Earth)/Appearances, Christopher King (New Earth)/Appearances, Victoria Grant (New Earth)/Appearances, Robert Reed (New Earth)/Appearances, Mister Bones (New Earth)/Appearances, DNAngels/Appearances, William Magnus (New Earth)/Appearances, Albert Desmond (New Earth)/Appearances, Doctor Bedlam (New Earth)/Appearances, John Dee (New Earth)/Appearances, Kent Nelson (New Earth)/Appearances, Inza Cramer (New Earth)/Appearances, Hector Hall (New Earth)/Appearances, Arthur Light (New Earth)/Appearances, Kimiyo Hoshi (New Earth)/Appearances, Charles McNider (New Earth)/Appearances, Pieter Cross (New Earth)/Appearances, Nommo (New Earth)/Appearances, Richard Occult (New Earth)/Appearances, Neal Emerson (New Earth)/Appearances, Edgar Cizko (New Earth)/Appearances, Thaddeus Sivana, Sr. (New Earth)/Appearances, Terrence Thirteen (New Earth)/Appearances, Darrel Dane (New Earth)/Appearances, Martha Roberts (New Earth)/Appearances, Dolphin (New Earth)/Appearances, Dominators/Appearances, Tuoni (New Earth)/Appearances, Don Caballero (New Earth)/Appearances, Doomsday (New Earth)/Appearances, Doom Patrol (New Earth)/Appearances, Double Dare/Appearances, Jonathan Double (New Earth)/Appearances, Dragon King (New Earth)/Appearances, Richard Drakunovski (New Earth)/Appearances, Nura Nal (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Dreamslayer (New Earth)/Appearances, Duran (New Earth)/Appearances, Durlans/Appearances, Nathaniel Dusk (New Earth)/Appearances, Dybbuk (New Earth)/Appearances, Terri Eckhart (New Earth)/Appearances, Isabelle Cheranova (New Earth)/Appearances, Eclipso (New Earth)/Appearances, Martin van Wyck (New Earth)/Appearances, Pablo Valdez (New Earth)/Appearances, Rita Farr (New Earth)/Appearances, Lazarus Lane (New Earth)/Appearances, Rafael Sandoval (New Earth)/Appearances, Urania Blackwell (New Earth)/Appearances, Jan Arrah (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Ralph Dibny (New Earth)/Appearances, Anita Fite (New Earth)/Appearances, Lourdes Lucero (New Earth)/Appearances, June Moone (New Earth)/Appearances, Endless/Appearances, Hans von Hammer (New Earth)/Appearances, Eradicator (New Earth)/Appearances, Evil Star (New Earth)/Appearances, Henry Hall (New Earth)/Appearances, Extreme Justice (New Earth)/Appearances, Extremists (New Earth)/Appearances, Vesper Fairchild (New Earth)/Appearances, Faith (New Earth)/Appearances, Fastbak (New Earth)/Appearances, John Malone (New Earth)/Appearances, Fatal Five (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Yrra Cynril (New Earth)/Appearances, Felix Faust (New Earth)/Appearances, Fearsome Five (New Earth)/Appearances, Female Furies (New Earth)/Appearances, Andrew Nolan (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Shyleen Lao (New Earth)/Appearances, Beatriz da Costa (New Earth)/Appearances, Serafina Arkadin (New Earth)/Appearances, Rod Reilly (New Earth)/Appearances, Danette Reilly (New Earth)/Appearances, Alejandro Sanchez (New Earth)/Appearances, Garfield Lynns (New Earth)/Appearances, Firehair (New Earth)/Appearances, Lorraine Reilly (New Earth)/Appearances, Ronald Raymond (New Earth)/Appearances, Jason Garrick (New Earth)/Appearances, Bartholomew Allen (New Earth)/Appearances, Wallace West (New Earth)/Appearances, Fisherman (New Earth)/Appearances, Mary Elizabeth Kane (New Earth)/Appearances, Noelle Avril (New Earth)/Appearances, Jason Woodrue (New Earth)/Appearances, Flying Fox (New Earth)/Appearances, Edwin Gauss (New Earth)/Appearances, Forager (New Earth)/Appearances, Forager II (New Earth)/Appearances, Forever People (New Earth)/Appearances, Amos Fortune (New Earth)/Appearances, Lucius Fox (New Earth)/Appearances, Dominic Mndawe (New Earth)/Appearances, Freedom Fighters (New Earth)/Appearances, Fringe (New Earth)/Appearances, Helena Kosmatos (New Earth)/Appearances, Hippolyta Trevor (New Earth)/Appearances, J.A.K.E. II (New Earth)/Appearances, Gamemnae (New Earth)/Appearances, Jose Delgado (New Earth)/Appearances, Garv (New Earth)/Appearances, Ti'julk Mr'asz (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Santiago Vargas (New Earth)/Appearances, Wade Eiling (New Earth)/Appearances, Joseph Jones (New Earth)/Appearances, General Immortus (New Earth)/Appearances, General Zahl (New Earth)/Appearances, Avruiskin of Pokolistan (New Earth)/Appearances, John Jones (New Earth)/Appearances, James Craddock (New Earth)/Appearances, Brion Markov (New Earth)/Appearances, Ghost Patrol/Appearances, Doris Zuel (New Earth)/Appearances, Anthony Woodward (New Earth)/Appearances, Mikron O'Jeneus (New Earth)/Appearances, Global Guardians/Appearances, Glorious Godfrey (New Earth)/Appearances, Xiang Po (New Earth)/Appearances, G'nort (New Earth)/Appearances, Godiva II (New Earth)/Appearances, William Matthews (New Earth)/Appearances, Roger Parsons (Earth-S)/Appearances, Marcus of Rome (New Earth)/Appearances, Lisa Snart (New Earth)/Appearances, Keith Kenyon (New Earth)/Appearances, Golem (New Earth)/Appearances, Gorgeous Gilly (New Earth)/Appearances, James Gordon (New Earth)/Appearances, Gorilla Grodd (New Earth)/Appearances, Goth (New Earth)/Appearances, Grace Choi (New Earth)/Appearances, Granny Goodness (New Earth)/Appearances, Ulysses Hazard (New Earth)/Appearances, Grayven (New Earth)/Appearances, Oliver Queen (New Earth)/Appearances, Alan Scott (New Earth)/Appearances, Hal Jordan (New Earth)/Appearances, Guy Gardner (New Earth)/Appearances, John Stewart (New Earth)/Appearances, Kyle Rayner (New Earth)/Appearances, Green Lantern Corps (New Earth)/Appearances, Green Man (New Earth)/Appearances, Philbert Hoskins (New Earth)/Appearances, James Harper (New Earth)/Appearances, Guardians of the Universe (New Earth)/Appearances, Andrew Van Horn (New Earth)/Appearances, Gunner MacKay (New Earth)/Appearances, Sarge Clay (New Earth)/Appearances, Gunshot (New Earth)/Appearances, Cynthia Reynolds (New Earth)/Appearances, Jack Marshall (New Earth)/Appearances, Gabrielle Doe (New Earth)/Appearances, Boris Ulyanov (New Earth)/Appearances, Natasha Ulyanov (New Earth)/Appearances, Hangmen/Appearances, Hector Hammond (New Earth)/Appearances, Lyla Michaels (Pre-Crisis)/Appearances, Armando Ramone (New Earth)/Appearances, Hardsell (New Earth)/Appearances, Rumaan Harjavti (New Earth)/Appearances, Sumaan Harjavti (New Earth)/Appearances, Harleen Quinzel (New Earth)/Appearances, Hop Harrigan (New Earth)/Appearances, Haunted Tank Unit (New Earth)/Appearances, Donald Hall (New Earth)/Appearances, Hawk Haukins (New Earth)/Appearances, Kendra Saunders (New Earth)/Appearances, Carter Hall (New Earth)/Appearances, Shayera Thal (New Earth)/Appearances, Hayoth/Appearances, Rebecca Sharpe (New Earth)/Appearances, Mick Rory (New Earth)/Appearances, Helix (New Earth)/Appearances, Kai (New Earth)/Appearances, Malcolm Duncan (New Earth)/Appearances, Hero Hotline/Appearances, Hero Cruz (New Earth)/Appearances, Jonah Hex (New Earth)/Appearances, H.I.V.E. (New Earth)/Appearances, Izaya (New Earth)/Appearances, Himon (New Earth)/Appearances, Hippolyta (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Monaghan (New Earth)/Appearances, Jean-Louis Droo (New Earth)/Appearances, Rex Tyler (New Earth)/Appearances, Richard Tyler (New Earth)/Appearances, Matthew Tyler (New Earth)/Appearances, Roy Lincoln (New Earth)/Appearances, Human Defense Corps/Appearances, Christopher Chance (New Earth)/Appearances, Rip Hunter (New Earth)/Appearances, Hunter's Hellcats/Appearances, Helena Bertinelli (New Earth)/Appearances, Hybrid/Appearances, Andrew Bennett (New Earth)/Appearances, Stanley Printwhistle (New Earth)/Appearances, Tora Olafsdotter (New Earth)/Appearances, Sigrid Nansen (New Earth)/Appearances, Joar Mahkent (New Earth)/Appearances, Cameron Mahkent (New Earth)/Appearances, Ignition (New Earth)/Appearances, Diego Irigoyen (New Earth)/Appearances, Klarn Arg (New Earth)/Appearances, Imperiex-Prime (New Earth)/Appearances, Brainiac 8 (New Earth)/Appearances, Infinity, Inc. (New Earth)/Appearances, Drax (New Earth)/Appearances, Injustice Gang I/Appearances, Injustice Gang II/Appearances, Injustice Society (New Earth)/Appearances, Lonna Leing (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Intergang (New Earth)/Appearances, Ultramarine Corps/Appearances, Lyle Norg (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Iron Cross (New Earth)/Appearances, Natasha Irons (New Earth)/Appearances, Daniel Cormac (New Earth)/Appearances, Marvin Noronsa (New Earth)/Appearances, Liam McHugh (New Earth)/Appearances, Jennifer-Lynn Hayden (New Earth)/Appearances, Selma Tolon (New Earth)/Appearances, Jemm (New Earth)/Appearances, Joseph Wilson (New Earth)/Appearances, Charles Lane (New Earth)/Appearances, Jinx (New Earth)/Appearances, Joker (New Earth)/Appearances, Darwin Jones (New Earth)/Appearances, Isaiah Crockett (New Earth)/Appearances, Hadley Jagger (New Earth)/Appearances, Justice League of America (New Earth)/Appearances, Justice League Detroit/Appearances, Justice League International (New Earth)/Appearances, Justice League Task Force/Appearances, Justice Legion/Appearances, Justice Society of America (New Earth)/Appearances, Kalibak (New Earth)/Appearances, Ashok Desai (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Kalmaku (New Earth)/Appearances, Kamandi (New Earth)/Appearances, Katherine Kane (Earth-One)/Appearances, Kanjar Ro (New Earth)/Appearances, Iluthin (New Earth)/Appearances, Val Armorr (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Tatsu Yamashiro (New Earth)/Appearances, Katma Tui (New Earth)/Appearances, Jonathan Kent (New Earth)/Appearances, Martha Clark (New Earth)/Appearances, Key (New Earth)/Appearances, Anatoli Knyazev (New Earth)/Appearances, Rama Khan (New Earth)/Appearances, Khunds/Appearances, Christopher Freeman (New Earth)/Appearances, Bartholomew Allen II (New Earth)/Appearances, James Cullen (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Jazmin Cullen (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Waylon Jones (New Earth)/Appearances, Louise Lincoln (New Earth)/Appearances, Killer Shark (New Earth)/Appearances, Killshot (New Earth)/Appearances, Kilowog (New Earth)/Appearances, Zoe Saugin (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Kingsley Faraday (New Earth)/Appearances, Nanaue (New Earth)/Appearances, Edmund Dorrance (New Earth)/Appearances, Solovar (New Earth)/Appearances, King Standish (New Earth)/Appearances, Klarion (New Earth)/Appearances, Percival Sheldrake (New Earth)/Appearances, Cyril Sheldrake (New Earth)/Appearances, Knockout (New Earth)/Appearances, Jeffrey Franklin Burr (New Earth)/Appearances, Kole Weathers (New Earth)/Appearances, Kordax (New Earth)/Appearances, Koryak (New Earth)/Appearances, Krona (New Earth)/Appearances, Krypto (New Earth)/Appearances, Kryptonians/Appearances, L.E.G.I.O.N. (New Earth)/Appearances, Ivana Christina Borodin Molotova (New Earth)/Appearances, Lady of the Lake (New Earth)/Appearances, Sandra Wu-San (New Earth)/Appearances, Elaine Marsh-Morton (New Earth)/Appearances, Lady Zand (New Earth)/Appearances, Lois Lane (New Earth)/Appearances, Lana Lang (New Earth)/Appearances, League of Assassins (New Earth)/Appearances, Mary Tanner (New Earth)/Appearances, Legion of Substitute Heroes (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Legion of Super-Heroes (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Legion of Super-Heroes (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Lori Lemaris (New Earth)/Appearances, Gim Allon (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Elizabeth Lawrence (New Earth)/Appearances, Mekt Ranzz (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Solis (New Earth)/Appearances, Linear Men/Appearances, Richard Plante (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Rogers (New Earth)/Appearances, Blue Boys/Appearances, Ulla Paske (New Earth)/Appearances, Garth Ranzz (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Lobo (New Earth)/Appearances, Rhea Jones (New Earth)/Appearances, Lonar (New Earth)/Appearances, Emily Briggs (New Earth)/Appearances, Edward Walker (New Earth)/Appearances, Robert Long (Team Titans)/Appearances, Lord Havok (New Earth)/Appearances, Epoch (New Earth)/Appearances, Losers (New Earth)/Appearances, Lump (New Earth)/Appearances, Alexander Luthor (New Earth)/Appearances, Lynx (New Earth)/Appearances, Mad Harriet (New Earth)/Appearances, Jervis Tetch (New Earth)/Appearances, Jeanne Walker (New Earth)/Appearances, Laura De Mille (New Earth)/Appearances, Nimue Inwudu (New Earth)/Appearances, Anais Guillot (New Earth)/Appearances, Mageddon (New Earth)/Appearances, Frances Kane (New Earth)/Appearances, Dyrk Magz (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Mainline (New Earth)/Appearances, Paul Booker (New Earth)/Appearances, Clifford Zmeck (New Earth)/Appearances, Baran Flinders (New Earth)/Appearances, Robert Langstrom (New Earth)/Appearances, Manchester Black (New Earth)/Appearances, Donald Richards (New Earth)/Appearances, Paul Kirk II (New Earth)/Appearances, Mark Shaw (New Earth)/Appearances, Chase Lawler (New Earth)/Appearances, Kirk DePaul (New Earth)/Appearances, Manhunters (New Earth)/Appearances, Manitou Raven (New Earth)/Appearances, Mantis (New Earth)/Appearances, Baron Povalski (New Earth)/Appearances, J'onn J'onzz (New Earth)/Appearances, Mary Batson (New Earth)/Appearances, Mawzir (New Earth)/Appearances, Max Mercury (New Earth)/Appearances, Maximillian Zeus (New Earth)/Appearances, Maxima (New Earth)/Appearances, Chandi Gupta (New Earth)/Appearances, Meanstreak (New Earth)/Appearances, Mekanique (New Earth)/Appearances, Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E./Appearances, Steven Dayton (New Earth)/Appearances, Mera (New Earth)/Appearances, Mercenaries/Appearances, Meredith Creamer (New Earth)/Appearances, Metal Men (New Earth)/Appearances, John Corben (New Earth)/Appearances, Rex Mason (New Earth)/Appearances, Metron (New Earth)/Appearances, David Clark (New Earth)/Appearances, Jarras Minion (New Earth)/Appearances, Henry Hayes (Earth-Two)/Appearances, Miriam Delgado (Team Titans)/Appearances, Samuel Scudder (New Earth)/Appearances, Evan McCulloch (New Earth)/Appearances, Joan Dale (New Earth)/Appearances, Bess Lynn (New Earth)/Appearances, Mist (New Earth)/Appearances, Nash (New Earth)/Appearances, Harold Thompson (New Earth)/Appearances, Mister Atom (New Earth)/Appearances, Mister E (New Earth)/Appearances, Victor Fries (New Earth)/Appearances, Mister Mind (New Earth)/Appearances, Scott Free (New Earth)/Appearances, Mister Mxyzptlk (New Earth)/Appearances, Eric Morden (New Earth)/Appearances, Brian Butler (New Earth)/Appearances, Terrence Sloane (New Earth)/Appearances, Michael Holt (New Earth)/Appearances, Mister Who (New Earth)/Appearances, Victor Zsasz (New Earth)/Appearances, Carlo di Rienzi (New Earth)/Appearances, Lar Gand (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Joshua Xan (New Earth)/Appearances, Mongul I (New Earth)/Appearances, Mongul II (New Earth)/Appearances, Mongal (New Earth)/Appearances, Monitor (Pre-Crisis)/Appearances, Mallah (New Earth)/Appearances, Candi Pyponte-Le Parc III (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Renee Montoya (New Earth)/Appearances, Mark Moonrider (New Earth)/Appearances, Morgaine le Fey (New Earth)/Appearances, Jennifer Morgan (New Earth)/Appearances, Mortalla (New Earth)/Appearances, William Perkins (Quality Universe)/Appearances, Michael Christian Amar (New Earth)/Appearances, Musashi (New Earth)/Appearances, Musketeer (New Earth)/Appearances, Richard Carter (Earth-One)/Appearances, Nabu (New Earth)/Appearances, Mai Miyazaki (New Earth)/Appearances, Qwewq (New Earth)/Appearances, Lawrence Trainor (New Earth)/Appearances, Valentina Vostok (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Tresser (New Earth)/Appearances, Soseh Mykros (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Corbett (New Earth)/Appearances, Nergal II (New Earth)/Appearances, Neron (New Earth)/Appearances, Nathaniel Tryon (New Earth)/Appearances, New Gods/Appearances, New Guardians (Millennium)/Appearances, Newsboy Legion (New Earth)/Appearances, Nik Mayak (New Earth)/Appearances, Nacht (New Earth)/Appearances, Nebel (New Earth)/Appearances, Hannibal Hawkes (New Earth)/Appearances, James Rook (New Earth)/Appearances, Night Force (New Earth)/Appearances, Eve Eden (New Earth)/Appearances, Richard Grayson (New Earth)/Appearances, Natalia Knight (New Earth)/Appearances, Norda Cantrell (New Earth)/Appearances, Nuclear Family (New Earth)/Appearances, Nyola (Earth-Two)/Appearances, Office of Strategic Services/Appearances, Orm Marius (New Earth)/Appearances, Todd Rice (New Earth)/Appearances, Clay Stoner (New Earth)/Appearances, James Olsen (New Earth)/Appearances, Aristides Demetrios (New Earth)/Appearances, Gods of Olympus/Appearances, Buddy Blank (Earth-AD)/Appearances, Omega Men (New Earth)/Appearances, Onomatopoeia (New Earth)/Appearances, Jihad (New Earth)/Appearances, Onyx Adams (New Earth)/Appearances, Order of St. Dumas/Appearances, Orion (New Earth)/Appearances, Barbara Gordon (New Earth)/Appearances, Gavin King (New Earth)/Appearances, Richard Wilson (Earth-One)/Appearances, Outsiders (New Earth)/Appearances, Overmaster (New Earth)/Appearances, Wenonah Littlebird (New Earth)/Appearances, Rosabelle Mendez (New Earth)/Appearances, Rudolph Jones (New Earth)/Appearances, Torval Freeman (New Earth)/Appearances, Linda Park (New Earth)/Appearances, Kell Mossa (Pre-Crisis)/Appearances, Gregori Arcane (New Earth)/Appearances, Elliot Taylor (New Earth)/Appearances, Mitchell Black (New Earth)/Appearances, Oswald Cobblepot (New Earth)/Appearances, Alfred Pennyworth (New Earth)/Appearances, People's Heroes/Appearances, Johnny Peril (New Earth)/Appearances, Neptune Perkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Ilya Trepliov (New Earth)/Appearances, Daniel Chase (New Earth)/Appearances, Jean-Marc de Villars (New Earth)/Appearances, Gerald Zimmerman (New Earth)/Appearances, Sandra Knight (New Earth)/Appearances, Delilah Tyler (New Earth)/Appearances, Stormy Knight (New Earth)/Appearances, Phantom Stranger (New Earth)/Appearances, Angela Hawkins III (New Earth)/Appearances, Phobos (New Earth)/Appearances, Hartley Rathaway (New Earth)/Appearances, Otto von Furth (New Earth)/Appearances, Patrick O'Brian (New Earth)/Appearances, Bette Sans Souci (New Earth)/Appearances, Plunder (New Earth)/Appearances, Pamela Isley (New Earth)/Appearances, Brek Bannin (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Power Company/Appearances, Kara Zor-L (Earth-Two)/Appearances, Ohiyesa Smith (New Earth)/Appearances, Mikhail Arkadin (New Earth)/Appearances, Oswald Loomis (New Earth)/Appearances, Jason Praxis (New Earth)/Appearances, Prez Rickard (Earth-Prez)/Appearances, Leymen/Appearances, Ra-Man (New Earth)/Appearances, Anthony Ives (New Earth)/Appearances, Prometheus (New Earth)/Appearances, Audrey Spears (New Earth)/Appearances, Simon Jones (New Earth)/Appearances, Psions/Appearances, Psyba-Rats/Appearances, Clyde Phillips (New Earth)/Appearances, Jewelee (New Earth)/Appearances, Quantum Mechanics/Appearances, Zazzala (New Earth)/Appearances, Tsaritsa (New Earth)/Appearances, Charles Victor Szasz (New Earth)/Appearances, Jesse Chambers (New Earth)/Appearances, Jonathan Chambers (New Earth)/Appearances, Qwsp (New Earth)/Appearances, R.E.B.E.L.S./Appearances, Rory Regan (New Earth)/Appearances, Ehad Rajak (New Earth)/Appearances, Ramulus (New Earth)/Appearances, Ra's al Ghul (New Earth)/Appearances, Raven (New Earth)/Appearances, Ravers/Appearances, Langford Terrill (New Earth)/Appearances, Raymond Terrill (New Earth)/Appearances, Roy Raymond, Sr. (New Earth)/Appearances, Richard Raleigh (New Earth)/Appearances, Helmut Streicher (New Earth)/Appearances, Leonid Kovar (New Earth)/Appearances, Red Tornado (New Earth)/Appearances, James Lockhart (New Earth)/Appearances, Relative Heroes/Appearances, Anthony Gambi (New Earth)/Appearances, Mitchell Shelley (New Earth)/Appearances, Eobard Thawne (New Earth)/Appearances, Rex, the Wonder Dog (New Earth)/Appearances, Edward Nashton (New Earth)/Appearances, Frederick von Frankenstein (New Earth)/Appearances, Rip Roar (New Earth)/Appearances, Isuma Yasunari (New Earth)/Appearances, Cody Driscoll (New Earth)/Appearances, Jason Todd (New Earth)/Appearances, Timothy Drake (New Earth)/Appearances, Robert Crane (New Earth)/Appearances, Clifford Steele (New Earth)/Appearances, Rocket Red Brigade (New Earth)/Appearances, Rhosyn Forrest (New Earth)/Appearances, Peter Ross (New Earth)/Appearances, Veronica Sinclair (New Earth)/Appearances, Jeffrey Graham (New Earth)/Appearances, Royal Flush Gang (New Earth)/Appearances, Rusty Ryan (Quality Universe)/Appearances, Timothy Karnes (New Earth)/Appearances, Sala Nisaba (New Earth)/Appearances, Salakk (New Earth)/Appearances, La Salamanca (New Earth)/Appearances, Silver St. Cloud (New Earth)/Appearances, Sanderson Hawkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Wesley Dodds (New Earth)/Appearances, Dream (New Earth)/Appearances, Sargent Steel (New Earth)/Appearances, John Sargent (New Earth)/Appearances, Satanus (New Earth)/Appearances, Imra Ardeen (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Matthew Savage (New Earth)/Appearances, Brian Durlin (New Earth)/Appearances, Savitar (New Earth)/Appearances, Schrek (New Earth)/Appearances, Louis Sendak (New Earth)/Appearances, Brian Savage (New Earth)/Appearances, Matthew O'Dare (New Earth)/Appearances, Jonathan Crane (New Earth)/Appearances, Scavenger (New Earth)/Appearances, Aubrey Sparks (New Earth)/Appearances, Sea Devils (New Earth)/Appearances, Greta Hayes (New Earth)/Appearances, Secret Six I/Appearances, Secret Society of Super-Villains (Villains United)/Appearances, Jeka Wynzorr (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Chaim Lavon (New Earth)/Appearances, Serifan (New Earth)/Appearances, Franklin Rock (New Earth)/Appearances, Seven Soldiers of Victory I (New Earth)/Appearances, Richard Swift (New Earth)/Appearances, Rac Shade (New Earth)/Appearances, Shado (New Earth)/Appearances, Savitar Bandu (New Earth)/Appearances, Shaggy Man (New Earth)/Appearances, Karshon (New Earth)/Appearances, Ruth Spencer (New Earth)/Appearances, Shellshock (New Earth)/Appearances, Selinda Flinders (New Earth)/Appearances, Justin Arthur (New Earth)/Appearances, Shock Trauma (New Earth)/Appearances, Salu Digby (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Siobhan McDougal (New Earth)/Appearances, Silver Monkey (New Earth)/Appearances, Valerie Beaudry (New Earth)/Appearances, Vanessa Kapatelis (New Earth)/Appearances, Thaal Sinestro (New Earth)/Appearances, Sirius (New Earth)/Appearances, Dennis Samuel Ellis (New Earth)/Appearances, Celia Forrestal (New Earth)/Appearances, Sleez (New Earth)/Appearances, Brotherhood of Evil (New Earth)/Appearances, Clifton Lacey (New Earth)/Appearances, Solaris (DC One Million)/Appearances, Cyrus Gold (New Earth)/Appearances, Jonathan Mann (New Earth)/Appearances, Sonar III (New Earth)/Appearances, Johnny Sorrow (New Earth)/Appearances, Soyuz/Appearances, Space Cabby (New Earth)/Appearances, Richard Starr (New Earth)/Appearances, Ayla Ranzz (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Donna Carol Force (New Earth)/Appearances, Spawn of Frankenstein (New Earth)/Appearances, Cyril Saunders (New Earth)/Appearances, Delbert Billings (New Earth)/Appearances, Fay Moffit (New Earth)/Appearances, Dorothy Spinner (New Earth)/Appearances, Split (New Earth)/Appearances, James Corrigan (New Earth)/Appearances, Stephanie Brown (New Earth)/Appearances, Alan Armstrong (New Earth)/Appearances, Beryl Hutchinson (New Earth)/Appearances, Elpis (New Earth)/Appearances, Ivan Illyich Gort (New Earth)/Appearances, Stanley Dover, Younger (New Earth)/Appearances, Beast With No Name (New Earth)/Appearances, Thom Kallor (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Starro (New Earth)/Appearances, Star Hawkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Star Rovers (Earth-One)/Appearances, Koriand'r (New Earth)/Appearances, Carol Ferris (New Earth)/Appearances, Courtney Whitmore (New Earth)/Appearances, Patrick Dugan (New Earth)/Appearances, Theodore Knight (New Earth)/Appearances, Mikaal Tomas (New Earth)/Appearances, Gavyn (New Earth)/Appearances, William Payton (New Earth)/Appearances, David Knight (New Earth)/Appearances, Jack Knight (New Earth)/Appearances, Farris Knight (DC One Million)/Appearances, Steamroller (New Earth)/Appearances, Henry Heywood, Sr. (New Earth)/Appearances, Henry Heywood III (New Earth)/Appearances, John Henry Irons (New Earth)/Appearances, Steppenwolf (New Earth)/Appearances, Stompa (New Earth)/Appearances, Adam Strange (New Earth)/Appearances, Hugo Strange (New Earth)/Appearances, Strata (New Earth)/Appearances, Daniel Tsang (New Earth)/Appearances, Strong Bow (New Earth)/Appearances, Suicide Squad (New Earth)/Appearances, Sumo (New Earth)/Appearances, Takeo Sato (New Earth)/Appearances, Flying Stag (New Earth)/Appearances, Super Malon/Appearances, Supermen of America/Appearances, Kon-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Kara Zor-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Matrix (Pocket Universe)/Appearances, Linda Danvers (New Earth)/Appearances, Kal-El (New Earth)/Appearances, Swamp Thing (New Earth)/Appearances, Sylvan Scofield (New Earth)/Appearances, Syonide II (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Oscar Morrow (New Earth)/Appearances, Tamaraneans/Appearances, Joshua Saunders (New Earth)/Appearances, Talia al Ghul (New Earth)/Appearances, Tannarak (New Earth)/Appearances, Joseph Monteleone (New Earth)/Appearances, Jonathan Law (New Earth)/Appearances, Catalina Flores (New Earth)/Appearances, Tartarus (Team)/Appearances, Hugh Dawkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Abel Tarrant (New Earth)/Appearances, Geoffrey Barron (New Earth)/Appearances, Garth (New Earth)/Appearances, Teen Titans (New Earth)/Appearances, Tara Markov (New Earth)/Appearances, Tezumak (New Earth)/Appearances, Thanagarians/Appearances, Tharok (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Thirst (New Earth)/Appearances, Leslie Thompkins (New Earth)/Appearances, Three Witches/Appearances, Gan Williams (New Earth)/Appearances, Tavis Williams (New Earth)/Appearances, CeCe Beck (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Anissa Pierce (New Earth)/Appearances, Jakeem Williams (New Earth)/Appearances, Yz (New Earth)/Appearances, Jonni Thunder (New Earth)/Appearances, John Tane (New Earth)/Appearances, John Thunder (New Earth)/Appearances, Tigra (New Earth)/Appearances, Brin Londo (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, John Starr (New Earth)/Appearances, Time Masters (New Earth)/Appearances, Titans of Myth/Appearances, Thomas N. Thomas (New Earth)/Appearances, Daniel Dunbar (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Haukins (New Earth)/Appearances, Tomar-Re (New Earth)/Appearances, Thomas Tomorrow (Earth-One)/Appearances, Tomorrow Woman (New Earth)/Appearances, Roscoe Dillon (New Earth)/Appearances, James Slade (New Earth)/Appearances, Dudley Soames (New Earth)/Appearances, Winslow Schott (New Earth)/Appearances, Traci Thirteen (New Earth)/Appearances, Stephen Trevor (New Earth)/Appearances, Luornu Durgo (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Axel Walker (New Earth)/Appearances, Trigger Twins I (New Earth)/Appearances, Trigon (New Earth)/Appearances, William MacIntyre (New Earth)/Appearances, Donna Troy (New Earth)/Appearances, Miya Shimada (New Earth)/Appearances, Twilight II (New Earth)/Appearances, Harvey Dent (New Earth)/Appearances, Ubermensch (New Earth)/Appearances, Jo Nah (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Ace Arn (New Earth)/Appearances, Ultra-Humanite (New Earth)/Appearances, Tasmia Mallor (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Uncle Sam (New Earth)/Appearances, Unknown Soldier (New Earth)/Appearances, Valda (New Earth)/Appearances, Victoria Vale (New Earth)/Appearances, Vandar Adg (New Earth)/Appearances, Vanguard (Team)/Appearances, Carole Donahue (New Earth)/Appearances, Arnold Wesker (New Earth)/Appearances, Scarface Puppet/Appearances, Vext (New Earth)/Appearances, Paco Ramone (New Earth)/Appearances, Gregory Sanders (New Earth)/Appearances, Adrian Chase (New Earth)/Appearances, Patricia Trayce (New Earth)/Appearances, Jon Haraldson (New Earth)/Appearances, Villainy, Inc./Appearances, Mari McCabe (New Earth)/Appearances, Paula von Gunther (New Earth)/Appearances, Virman Vundabar (New Earth)/Appearances, Vykin the Black (New Earth)/Appearances, Amanda Waller (New Earth)/Appearances, Wanderers (Pre-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Travis Morgan (New Earth)/Appearances, Emil LaSalle (New Earth)/Appearances, Matthew Ryder (Armageddon 2001)/Appearances, Weaponers of Qward/Appearances, Mark Mardon (New Earth)/Appearances, Weird (New Earth)/Appearances, Rodney Gaynor (New Earth)/Appearances, White Martians/Appearances, Mysa (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Perry White (New Earth)/Appearances, Yolanda Montez (New Earth)/Appearances, Jack Wheeler (New Earth)/Appearances, Baby Wildebeest (New Earth)/Appearances, Drake Burroughs (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Wendy Jones (New Earth)/Appearances, Wing How (New Earth)/Appearances, Rebecca Carstairs (New Earth)/Appearances, William Zard (New Earth)/Appearances, Cassandra Sandsmark (New Earth)/Appearances, Diana of Themyscira (New Earth)/Appearances, Word (New Earth)/Appearances, Coltrane Walker (New Earth)/Appearances, Jenni Ognats (Post-Zero Hour)/Appearances, Young Heroes/Appearances, Young Justice (New Earth)/Appearances, Zatanna Zatara (New Earth)/Appearances, Giovanni Zatara (New Earth)/Appearances, Zauriel (New Earth)/Appearances, Hunter Zolomon (New Earth)/Appearances, Zuggernaut (New Earth)/Appearances, Batcave/Appearances, Fortress of Solitude/Appearances, Justice League Watchtower/Appearances, JSA Headquarters IV/Appearances, Paradise Island/Appearances, Secret Sanctuary/Appearances, Titans Tower III/Appearances, Trylon and Perisphere/Appearances, Batarang/Appearances, Bracelets of Submission/Appearances, Cosmic Staff/Appearances, Entropy Aegis/Appearances, Fiddler's Fiddle/Appearances, Green Lantern Ring/Appearances, H-Dial/Appearances, Helmet of Fate/Appearances, Lasso of Truth/Appearances, Trick Arrows/Appearances, Batmobile/Appearances, Batplane/Appearances, Blue Beetle's Bug/Appearances, Fokker Dr.I/Appearances, Haunted M3 Stuart/Appearances, Manta-Sub/Appearances, Robin's Motorcycle/Appearances, Super-Cycle/Appearances, Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane/Appearances, Books, New Earth, Reference Books

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