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Appearing in "Crisis on Three Earths!"

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Synopsis for "Crisis on Three Earths!"

Tiring of losing to the Supermen of their respective Earths, Alexei Luthor of Earth-Two and Lex Luthor of Earth-One decide to switch Earths and Supermen and then relocate to Earth-Three as their new crime base and use the evil Earth-Three "Superman" known as Ultraman as their enforcer. Little do they know that Earth-Three has its own superhero-in-waiting to defeat them all. And that hero is Luthor!


Alexander Luthor's first appearance as a super-hero. He has already fought against Ultraman before this adventure, though not as an open costumed superhero. Luthor remains as a an active hero after this battle repeatedly opposing the Crime Syndicate of Earth-Three until their deathes in the original Crisis


Kal-L is drawn with his traditional 6 sided 45 degreed tilted S Shield here, same as in the Mr. and Mrs Superman and early Earth-Two specific stories rather than the George Perez's version of the 5 sided S Shield

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