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in: José Luis García-López/Cover Artist, Len Wein/Writer, José Luis García-López/Penciler José Luis García-López/Inker, Glynis Oliver/Colourist, Ben Oda/Letterer, Julius Schwartz/Editor, Kal-El (Earth-One)/Appearances, Metal Men (New Earth)/Appearances, Gold (New Earth)/Appearances, Iron (New Earth)/Appearances, Lead (New Earth)/Appearances, Mercury (New Earth)/Appearances, Platinum (New Earth)/Appearances, Tin (New Earth)/Appearances, Jenet Klyburn (New Earth)/Appearances, Chemo (New Earth)/Appearances, Ira Quimby (New Earth)/Appearances, Katar Hol (Earth-One)/Appearances, Shayera Thal (Earth-One)/Appearances, Earth-One/Appearances, Metropolis/Appearances, S.T.A.R. Labs/Appearances, Comics, 1978, 1978, December, September 6, 1978 (Publication), 1978, September (Publication), DC Comics Presents Vol 1, Bronze-Age, Executive Editor Credit Needed, Synopsis Written

DC Comics Presents Vol 1 4


DC Comics Presents Vol 1 4

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"Sun-Stroke!": Autumn in Metropolis has been unseasonably warm with an enhanced amount of sunlight, sending the people of Metropolis flocking to the beaches. However, things are more dangerous then they appear, as the villain known as Chemo rises from the waters off Metropolis and sends the beac

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Synopsis for "Sun-Stroke!"

Autumn in Metropolis has been unseasonably warm with an enhanced amount of sunlight, sending the people of Metropolis flocking to the beaches. However, things are more dangerous then they appear, as the villain known as Chemo rises from the waters off Metropolis and sends the beach goers fleeing with a blast of chemical fire before storming off toward the city.

In a nearby junkyard, the Metal Men pass the time by playing tennis when they suddenly spot their old foe walking through the city and attempt to stop him. Despite their best efforts, the Metal Men find that their Respondometers have stopped functioning properly and they are easily knocked away by the creature. Wondering what's wrong, they decide to head to S.T.A.R. Labs to see what the scientists there can learn about their malfunctioning powers. While over the ocean, Clark Kent is aboard a new experimental aircraft covering it's test run for WGBS news when suddenly a tornado appears in their flight path. Feigning air sickness, Clark slips into the aircrafts washroom and changes into Superman and rushes out to stop the tornado. His x-ray vision briefly falters before the Man of Steel creates a waterspout to stop the tornado before quickly returning to his civilian guise.

Back in Metropolis, Superman also pays a visit to S.T.A.R. Labs to find out what might have caused his powers to malfunction. He arrives just as the Metal Men are undergoing a test by Janet Klyburn. The Metal Men are happy to finally meet Superman and as they (especially Platinum) gush over the Man of Steel, Janet comes up with the answer behind their malfunctioning abilities. She shows them that the sun is going through abnormal sunspot activity and giving off additional solar radiation, which explains why their powers briefly malfunctioned, pointing out that a magnetic ray from the Earth had caused the initial disturbance. Superman decides to investigate the cause and asks the Metal Men to provide their talents to help him track down it's source, a request that the Metal Men accept unanimously.

Meanwhile, at an abandoned observatory, long time Hawkman foe I.Q. is visited by Chemo, whom the super-intellect is able to control with his superior mind. He explains that after his last capture at the hands of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, he spent his days in prison absorbing solar rays and increasing his intelligence to massive levels. Breaking out of prison he set up shop in the observatory and soon, through calculations, determined that the sun was going to explode if unless bombarded with a magnetic cannon. After doing so, I.Q. rechecked his equations and learned that he made an error and that his magnetic bombardment of the sun only made things worse. Deducing that turning Chemo into a missile and shooting him into the sun would be the only way to stop the coming crisis, he used his superior intellect to call the creature to him for those purposes.

Superman and the Metal Men track the source of the magnetic beam to the observatory and arrive just as I.Q. is about to fire Chemo out into space. Using his super-mind, Superman double checks the calculations and finds that I.Q. is once more in error and that shooting Chemo into the sun will only be worse. He is too late to stop the villain, and is forced to rush into space to intercept the missile. While Superman succeeds, the resulting explosion causes feedback that creates a small army of mini-Chemo's in the observatory. When I.Q. attempts to command them to attack the Metal Men, they use their chemical compositions to change I.Q. into stone. Seeing the many Chemo's as a threat, the Metal Men try to fight them into submission. However, the Chemo army proves to be too strong and they easily defeat the Metal Men before merging into one giant form again. Superman returns from space and begins attacking Chemo until the creature begins reaching critical mass. Superman then grabs the chemical monstrosity and throws it out into space where it explodes harmlessly, and creates a special chemical screen over the Earth that will protect the planet from the bombardment of rays until the sun naturally corrects itself following I.Q.'s magnetic bombardment.

With I.Q. turned over to the authorities, Superman rushes the critically damaged Metal Men back to S.T.A.R. Labs to see if they can repair them. Superman eventually begins to fear the worst and that he Metal Men died in battle, however they pull through and are more alive than ever before -- especially Platinum who is heavily flirtatious with the embarrassed Man of Steel.



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