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"Slayer from the Dark Dimension!": Unknown to Superman, Maaldor, the Darklord is causing him to have nightmares where he is destroying the city.

Quote1 I don't offer tricks, Clark-- nor do I own a television device. But come-- be seated, and perhaps I may answer some of the questions you have. Quote2
-- Madame Xanadu

Appearing in "Slayer from the Dark Dimension!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Natalie Simons
  • Robert Haley
  • Mr. Dreyfuss




Synopsis for "Slayer from the Dark Dimension!"

Unknown to Superman, Maaldor, the Darklord is causing him to have nightmares where he is destroying the city.

Meanwhile, two others are also having their dreams invaded by Maaldor. They visit Madame Xanadu for help.

Ironically, Clark Kent has a compulsion to visit Madame Xanadu's Tarot Reading Shop. He enters freely, and is given a Tarot reading. Afterward, he's introduced to the two others who are victims of Maaldor's nightmares.

Madame Xanadu explains to the trio why their minds have been snared into a psychic drama. During her explanation, Kent suddenly senses they're being watched, and in a heartbeat, reality shatters and the four of them find themselves transported into a realm of madness.

Maaldor reveals himself, and strips Kent of his civilian clothes with a blast. Superman stands in uniform, overpowered by Maaldor's evil force.

In an effort to help, Madame Xanadu touches Superman absorbing the madness, and succeeds. Superman then confronts Maaldor and the two become consumed with evil. Madame Xanadu tries to reason with them with love and compassion. Hearing her words, Superman is able to "collect" himself and knocks out Maaldor with a super-punch.

In another heartbeat, the two strangers, Clark Kent and Xanadu are back inside the storefront. Kent doesn't understand what happened and the two others leave the store unaware of why they were visiting the shop in the first place.


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