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A citation on the DC Database is a reference to the published source, (though not always the original source). A source could be the comic, film, tv show, or website the fact originally came from. Citations should supply sufficient detail to identify the item uniquely.

Once the source is found, {{Citation}} or {{citation}} should be replaced with <ref>Link to the source</ref>.

Formatting Examples

1. {{cnst|Action Comics #1}}

returns Action Comics #1, a formatted link to Action Comics Vol 1 1

2. {{cnst|Superman Vol 2 #1}}

returns Superman (Volume 2) #1, a formatted link to Superman Vol 2 1

3. [[wikipedia:Superman|''Superman'' article]] at Wikipedia

returns Superman article at Wikipedia

4. [ ''Hero History: Phantom Girl'' at Major Spoilers]

returns Hero History: Phantom Girl at Major Spoilers

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