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In the super villain's silo, their base of operations, they are discussing their plans to beat the Farm League.

Appearing in "Heads or Tails"

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Synopsis for "Heads or Tails"

In the super villain's silo, their base of operations, they are discussing their plans to beat the Farm League.

Craniac, the smartest bird in the world, comes up with an brilliant plan. However, Bizarrfo has a plan of his own. Moo-Face flips his coin and says they will hear both plans.

Craniac objects, saying that he is much smarter than Bizarrfo is. Bizarrfo, not hearing the comment, states he is "Man's Worst Friend." Mr. Mxyzchkn poofs up and says he already likes Bizarrfo better.

Craniac says he once devised a successful plan to get Supermanatee to fight himself. Bizarffo responds by saying he fetches sticks but never brings them back.

Craniac's second point is that he once tricked Batmoongose with a maze that left the hero stumped for a week. Bizarrfo says that his tail chases him. His tail immediately begins to chase Bizarrfo.

Moo-Face says they will decide whose plan to follow with the help of his coin. He flips it and catches the coin. Before he looks at it, Moo-Face asks Solomon Bunny to call it. All the rabbit does is growl. Taking his growl as "tails," they decide to go with Bizarrfo's plan.

Taking out a piece of lined paper with nothing on it but "PLAN" written in crayon, Bizarrfo says they should tip over their silo base. Not thinking, Mr. Mxyzchkn does as requested.

The silo falls over, spilling all the corn inside right in front of the Barn of Justice. Sitting in the rubble of their broken base, Craniac frustratingly yells at Bizarrfo. Bizarrfo, again, does not listen and begins to run from his tail.


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