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DC One Million Vol 1 2


DC One Million Vol 1 2

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"The Day After Tomorrow": The Hourman virus has spread around the world, causing everybody to become increasingly more paranoid. The Atom enters Oracle's bloodstream to investigate the virus. With the [[Justice Legion|Justice Legion A

Quote1 Send me your superheroes from past, present or future. I'll kill all of them. Quote2
-- Vandal Savage

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Synopsis for "The Day After Tomorrow"

The Hourman virus has spread around the world, causing everybody to become increasingly more paranoid. The Atom enters Oracle's bloodstream to investigate the virus. With the Justice Legion Alpha trapped in the past and the Justice League of America trapped in the 853rd Century, Steel attempts to build a time machine.

Vandal Savage proclaims to the world that he intended to destroy Washington, D.C. with one of his Rocket Red warsuits, but the virus altered its course and sent it to Montevideo instead. Savage announces that he will destroy three more major cities around the world.



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This comic issue is a part of the "DC One Million" event that crossed over into every DC Title in 1998. It involved present day interaction with versions of the characters seen in contemporary comic books with their counterparts in the 853rd Century.
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