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DC Retroactive: The Flash – The '90s Vol 1 1


DC Retroactive: The Flash – The '90s Vol 1 1

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"Running Home": (Warning:Spoilers Ahead)

Appearing in "Running Home"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Ubar (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "Running Home"

(Warning:Spoilers Ahead)

After Cobalt Blues defeat by Wally West, Wally seemingly dies. However he is sent across the universe to the city of Ubar, on a planet referred to as Earth, but not the one that Wally is from. Wally doesn't remember who he is. He is approached by a young woman named Sorocco, who has the same speed as Wally. She refer to him as "The Lightning D'Jinn", who is prophesized to save Ubar, by defeating a creature made of sand named Ghul. It is shown that Ghul killed Soroccos brother. Wally joins Sorocco to defeat the main form of Ghul. An important thing to note is that Sorocco keeps pace and even runs faster than Wally. While they are running, Wally sees a vision of Linda Park, (Still erased by Abra Kadabra) who runs from Abra Kadabra to a place which he calls,"Oblivion", causing Wally to trip up and fall flat on his face. He wakes up in Ubar, where Sorocco says that Ghul had only started atacking recently, after a storm. She also reveals she gains her power from an amulet which she wears, stating it is from the Goddess Aluzza, and that it gives her "The Power Of The Desert Winds". When her power increases, she gains a bird of flame around her. She and Wally run off into the desert to attack Ghul. When Ghul is defeated, it is revealed that Kilg%r 2.0, an extension of Kilg%r, was controlling Ghul. He planned on eating Wally and the other Flashs' speed energy, but found that he (And The Other Kilg%rs) could not. He then grabs Sorocco with the intent to eat her speed energy, but she turns into a pheonix, with Wally blowing sand onto him, covering him in glass, and shutting Kilg%r 2.0 down. Wally then vows to return home. The comic ends with Wally showing up as Linda reappears, and carrying her off.

Appearing in "The Black Flash - The Late Wally West"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Black Flash - The Late Wally West"

Reprints Flash #139 (Volume 2).


  • Running Home would seem to take place around Flash (Volume 2) #159.
  • Solicitation: During the '90s, Wally West took the title "The Fastest Man Alive" to a whole new level. Join the the writer who turned the sidekick into a hero in his own right for another race against evil, along with a classic tale from that decade.


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