"1st Story (No Title)":

Quote1 Well, it looks like I finally pulled the plug on the Big-B. So why don't I feel all tingly? I mean, where's the exploding fireworks and the choruses singing "Hallelujah?" In my dreams they always accompany his demise. I guess the end of the world puts a crimp in one's wishes. Quote2
-- Joker

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  • Cyber (First appearance)
  • Fracture (First appearance)
  • Lex Luthor
  • Strongarm (First appearance)


  • Enforcers

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Synopsis for "1st Story (No Title)"

Ambush Bug 07
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Return to the beginning where the opening game trailer ended. Joker muses to the dead Harley Quinn how he always thought killing Batman would create an inner fanfare, fireworks, or a hallelujah chorus. He gently closes her eyes and disappears as soon as the swarm of exobytes reigns down on Metropolis. Days pass while Batman's body lay amidst the rubble and carnage of what's left of the city, until he is discovered alive by two new heroes named Allyce and Fracture. They decide to bring him back to someone named Cyber who leads a whole group of Superheroes infused with leftover exobytes from Brainiac's initial onslaught (It's not explained here, but I'm 99% sure that this is the case).

Cyber refits Batman with cybernetic "promethium-based" appendages - including his right arm - to replace the bones that have been nearly liquefied.

After several days of recovery, the group is attacked by Brainiac's robots just as Batman wakes up. They are completely overrun, so Fracture grabs Batman and Cyber to escape. After Batman commands it, they make it to the Fortress of Solitude in the Antarctic.

Lex Luthor's DNA would trip the circuits in the Fortress, but Batman's was officially designated to take control in such a catastrophe. Thanks to his newfound cybernetics, Batman is able to interface directly with the Fortress's computers to find a weakness in Brainiac's defenses.

But Luthor understood this years ago and specifically planned for Batman to infiltrate Superman's Fortress of Solitude and allow him the access that he needed. While Batman was under the knife with the group of superhumans, Luthor planned this whole scenario out and relies on Batman to gain access to the Fortress and its time displacement equipment.

The BIG REVEAL is that Luthor is responsible for these new heroes and they are in league with him. Cyber contacts Luthor to fill him in on these developments while Lex looks for Brainiac on the ship during the last issue. Batman sees everything unfold on Brainiac's ship, but fails to see how his new compatriots are in league with Luthor. He contacts all the League but Luthor picks up Atom's JLA communicator as shown in the previous issue.

Luthor answers the call and, as expected, hears that he should teleport to the Fortress. After making sure Batman relinquishes Lex's DNA pattern so the Fortress won't immediately attack him, he arrives to take the canister of exobytes to the present where he will be able to introduce meta-human powers to the populace and take on Brainiac in the present.

Batman holds off Brainiac's attacking machines that have infiltrated the Fortress of Solitude while Lex Luthor makes his way back in time to warn and help the Justice League of the past.


  • This book was first published on May 4, 2011.
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