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Daily Planet

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The Daily Planet
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Quote1 Whenever a story happens, the planet gets it first and has it webbed and in print while the New York Times is still fishing for sources. Quote2
-- Clark Kent


The Daily Planet is a daily newspaper of Metropolis. Superman works there in his civilian identity as Clark Kent, along with fellow reporter Lois Lane, photographer Jimmy Olsen, business editor Lana Lang and editor-in-chief Perry White.


Staff members

  • Alice White - intern
  • Bill Stoker (Pre-Crisis)
  • Bob Harley - investigative reporter
  • Bostwick - reporter
  • Brad Hunter (Pre-Crisis)
  • Bratten
  • Briscoe - staff member
  • Bruce Wayne - owner [1]
  • Cat Grant - gossip columnist
  • Clark Kent - investigative reporter
  • Connie
  • Ed Byrnes - former managing editor; later night time editor
  • Freddy Jones (Pre-Crisis)
  • Harley Quinn - love columnist [2]
  • Jack - cameraman
  • James McCullough - former city editor
  • Janice Denton - Features editor
  • Jimmy Olsen - photo-journalist
  • John Corben - reporter (Pre-Crisis only)
  • Joyce - staff member
  • Justin - intern
  • Lana Lang-Business Editor
  • Lois Lane - investigative reporter
  • Lex Luthor - former owner
  • Marilyn - secretary
  • Meg
  • Pete Cromwell (Pre-Crisis)
  • Perry White - managing editor
  • Ron Troupe - reporter
  • Schuman
  • Steve Lombard - the editor of the Sports section
  • Tom Weaver (Pre-Crisis)
  • Vern
  • Whit - staff member


  • The Daily Planet was also the name of a column appearing in DC Comics to advertise upcoming projects.


  • In the 31st century, there's a newsfeed called "Daily Planets".

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