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The Daily Star was a prolific newspaper publishing firm based out of the city of Metropolis on Earth-Two. Originally managing the paper in the 1930s was editor-in-chief, George Taylor, who became notable along with his primary investigative reporters, Clark Kent and Lois Lane. When Taylor retired in the early 1950s, Kent was selected to replace him as Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Star over rival Perry White. Lois Lane-Kent was promoted to Lead Investigative Reporter of the paper while former cub reporter James Olsen became one of the managing editors. Lana Lang joins the Daily Star staff as a television critic.


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  • The Daily Star is mostly exclusive to the continuity of Earth-Two, starting prior to what has been termed as the "Golden Age" and continuing through its end by the events of the Crisis on Infinite Earths where it and most elements of the Earth-Two reality were erased from ever having existed. The Daily Star has popped up occasionally in Post-Crisis stories, though many of those are erroneous identifications of the Metropolis Star.


  • Superman co-creator Joe Shuster named the Daily Star after the Toronto Daily Star newspaper in Toronto, Ontario, which had been the newspaper that Shuster's parents received and for which Shuster had worked as a newsboy.[1]

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