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Damian: Son of Batman Vol 1 4


Damian: Son of Batman Vol 1 4

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"Full Circle": The would-be Joker orders his followers to kill Batman, preventing him from rescuing his father Bruce Wayne from dying of his injuries. All of these followers - [[Jackan

Quote1 There's only room for one such handsome face in this town... and you ain't it, chuckles! Retirement isn't for everyone! Lock up your sons and daughters... I'm back! Quote2
-- Joker

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Synopsis for "Full Circle"

The would-be Joker orders his followers to kill Batman, preventing him from rescuing his father Bruce Wayne from dying of his injuries. All of these followers - Jackanapes, Weasel, Phosphorus Rex - would never have come so far if this new Joker were not clever. They were also strong, and Damian struggled to restrain himself from letting his natural instinct to kill force him to break his promise to uphold the good name of Batman.

Despite successfully taking down all of the Joker's followers, Damian had left the Joker untouched. The Joker comments that he and this Batman had something in common: trying to live up to a predecessor's legacy by dressing up like them - but he intended to gain recognition in the criminal community by killing both Bruce Wayne and the Batman. Unwilling to let it end like that, Damian unleashes a brutal attack on the Joker, beating him to a pulp. Crumpled and weak, the Joker wheezes that regardless, he will only serve time, and then he'll be back. The Joker will always come back. Angrily, Damian cuts short the villain's laughter by tearing open his gut before gathering Bruce into his arms, and limping away.

After they leave, the false Joker sputters back to consciousness, gleefully shouting that he has not died after all, only to die instantly as a bullet enters his brain - a bullet shot by the real Joker, who has come out of retirement.

As news of the real Joker's return reaches the public, the pressure is on Damian to prove himself as the Batman who succeeds, even with a no kill policy. Gotham City is in a grim state, and it will fall to Damian to set things right, for the sake of Gotham's good citizens. With Alfred's help, Damian would live up to these expectations, and, once and for all, discover who killed Dick Grayson.


  • This book was first published on January 29, 2014.
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