For her whole life, Dana Simpson had a fear of clowns. This was caused by an incident at her tenth birthday when a drunken clown named Mr. Rags smashed her birthday cake and proclaimed that he hated children.

Dana eventually married Ken Simpson. After five years of unsuccessfully trying to have children, they finally gave birth to a son, Donnie. As a result of postpartum depression, Dana's childhood fear of clowns manifested itself by causing her to believe that the Joker was attempting to kill Donnie. After the police proved to be of little help, she contacted the Flash through Joan Garrick.

The subsequent death of the police captain Daniel Phillips by Joker Venom seemed to corroborate Dana's story. She was interviewed on the local news by Linda Park in connection with the incident.

However, the murder was eventually linked to the Joker's former henchman Juice Mantee. After consulting a psychologist, Joan and Linda learned about postpartum depression and determined that was likely the cause of Dana's worries. This became very obvious when Dana was found dangling her son from a bridge, claiming that Donnie had become the Joker. The Flash saved the young boy and Dana began receiving the psychological treatment she needed.[1]


  • Psychological fear of clowns.


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