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Quote1 That day they made an enemy of not just Wonderman, but all amazonians! This day they shall reap in blood what they have sown in dishonor! Quote2
-- Dane of Elysium src

A male version of Wonder Woman in Earth-11, the Amazon Prince Dane of Elysium was previously banished from "Woman's World" when he killed Maxine Lord on national television for controlling Superwoman in her nefarious ends.

In response to his banishment, Dane and his male Amazons of Elysium invaded the United States and battled Earth-11's Justice League, The Freedom Fighters and Atlantis' Army. In the battle, Dane also summoned the Greek Titans of myth Hyperion and Phoebus (both also gender-reversed versions of their mythological counterparts) into the fray. Dane was eventually defeated by Superwoman when she punched him into Phoebus, thus eliminating the Titan, and he was then subdued by the Atom.






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