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Major Daniel Stone, alias Flow was selected for a military experiment in replicating the metagene. The newly created Ultramarine Corps were then sent to kill the Justice League. Stone almost succeeded in killing the Flash, but was stopped by Aquaman. Upon realizing that their commanding officer, General Eiling, was insane, they ceased their attack and went after him instead. The League then stabilized Stone's potentially fatal metagene and he helped his teammates in the Ultramarine Corps to establish Superbia.

Later changing his name to Glob, Stone became the focus of Ultra-Marine communications. He is currently working to save a crime-ridden micro-Earth alongside half a dozen of his colleagues. [1]

The Ultramarines eventually returned to their home dimension without explanation as to why they came back.


  • Unique Physiology: Like many of his teammates in the Ultramarine Corps, Daniel Stone's body was changed and experimented upon by The General. Daniel's specific surgery removed his body and replaced his mind into a large entirely water-made body. He has completely control of himself in this form and technically no longer has a body.



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