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Darkseid is the ruler of Apokolips and Darkseid's Elite and was a major player in the cosmic war that was the Final Crisis. Unto the hell that is Apokolips came Darkseid, pure hatred personified, a
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Ruler of Apokolips

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Rock like body
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Superman/Batman: Apocalypse
(September 28, 2010)


History of character is unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • New God Physiology
    • Superhuman Strength: Darkseid is an extremely powerful alien hailing from planet Apokolips, who possesses an extreme degree of colossal super-strength. As shown numerous times throughout the series, Darkseid can maintain constant physical action with Kryptonians, as evidenced with Superman and Supergirl, as well as such, he can overpower Supergirl, proving that his strength surpasses hers, though Superman proves to be a more difficult challenge.
    • Superhuman Speed: Although rarely displayed, while Darkseid can't move nearly as fast as Kryptonians, he can, however, react and maneuver faster than the healthiest and strongest human athlete who partakes in daily exercise.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Darkseid can maintain continuous movement and strenuous exercise for vast periods of time without ever getting weary or tired in the process, as well as in that regard, he can battle other aliens for extended amounts of time before tiring.
    • Invulnerability: Darkseid is extremely resistant to most forms of physical, mental, as well as emotional and spiritual harm.
    • Immortality: As a god of Apokolips, Darkseid can live almost indefinitely, as he is immune to aging, withering, or degrading. However, though it is nearly impossible for him to die, other high-tier aliens like Kryptonians or Kryptonian creations such as Doomsday can kill him.
  • Omega Effect: Darkseid wields a cosmic energy, in the form of a field, called "Omega Effect", which proves integral, as it is the core from which his other abilities manifest from. This effect allows him to transverse through time and space, also enabling him to break interpretable barriers and force-fields.
    • Omega Beams: Darkseid, at a mere though, can emit pulses of red energy from his eyes, as well as such, its potential proves catastrophic and devastating, often causing explosions and bursts of blinding light, capable of decimating mountains.


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