Scientist Darrel Dane developed a serum that gave him the power to shrink to a height of six inches and grow back to his normal size by willing himself to do so. After using his new power to save his girlfriend Martha Roberts, and her father Professor Roberts, from a murderous blackmailer, Dane decided to fight crime. Since he could shrink himself to the size of a doll, he called himself Doll Man. His girlfriend later joined him, first as Midge, and later as Doll Girl.


  • Size Alteration: Darrel Dane possesses the unique power to condense the molecules of his body by exerting his will power.[1]
  • Superhuman Strength: At his six-inch height Doll Man is as strong as 20 full-sized men.[2]


  • Chemistry: Doll Man developed the formula that endowed him with his super powers.[3]
  • Aviation: Doll Man could pilot the small "flying saucer" that the duo used, and was able to operate other small vehicles as needed.