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Darthartheen is the 100-year-old daughter of the Guardian Dawlakispokpok and his Zamaron wife, Thwarcharchura and possesses a power ring and abilities similar to the Guardians in addition to decades of experience. Darthartheen engaged Ganthet, Percival, and Hal Jordan in combat when they tried to stop her father's mad plans to alter time. Like her brother Doranchatok, she apparently felt bad about having to harm Hal Jordan, Ganthet, and Percival, and lamented not at least cloning Percival when she thought him dead. After her father's plan failed, and his violent death under the forces of the future's ravenous entropy, Darthartheen found her father's entropy-ridden skeleton, and attempted to touch it, but her hand was horribly affected, burning it for all eternity. Unlike her brother and mother, she escaped the Oan-Zamaron tribunal, having never been captured by Jordan, Ganthet, and Percival. She swore vengeance on the Guardians and those responsible for her father's death.






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