Quote1 See how cynical becoming a real fearless avenger of evil deeds and eerie friend of the needy makes you? Quote2
-- Midnight src

David Clark was the hero known as Midnight. He originally moved from his Midwestern home to New York City in the late 1930s. There, he became a radio announcer at station WXAM. When Clark learned that a building he had seen collapsed had originally been erected by a criminally negligent construction group, he adopted the Midnight identity, a character he had first heard of in a radio drama entitled The Man Called Midnight, to force the construction company's owner to admit about his culpability.

During World War II, Midnight subsequently became a member of the Freedom Fighters, a splinter group of the All-Star Squadron. He also allied with the eccentric genius Dr. Wackey and his super-intelligent ape, Gabby. Midnight's crime fighting ended after the war.




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