Quote1 Friends for years--your dad never really took me seriously. Not like you, Joseph... which is why you mean the world to me... Quote2
-- Dr. Ikon src

David "Dave" Isherwood was a war and special operations ally of Deathstroke. He was the developer of the Ikon Suit, and was also the lover of Slade's son Jericho.

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  • Virus Infection: To save David's life, who was almost killed by Jericho, Dr. Villain infected him with a virus synthesized from Deathstroke and Jericho's DNA. His body's immune system mutated to combat that virus, granting him super-powers.[2] (see Weaknesses below for bad side effects)




  • He is catholic.[1]
  • It was he who gave the alias Jericho to Joseph based on the Bible. It was about justice breaking down strongholds.[2]