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Davis Bloome is the Earth persona for the genetically engineered Kryptonian creature as Doomsday. "Davis" is a paramedic at Metropolis General Hospital. In actuality, he is the result of a fusion of genetic material of the most powerful and violent Kryptonian life-forms with that of the renegade Kryptonians General Zod and Faora. He was sent to Earth as genetic matter attached to Kal-El's ship; his true monstrous form would remain camouflaged adapting to the world it was sent to until it was ready to destroy the civilization.[3]

Growing up, Davis was a product of the foster care system and moved from town to town before finally settling in Metropolis. As an adult, Davis was a kind-hearted man who had a great passion for helping people. He was also a troubled soul however, and would often suffer from blackouts whereupon he would commit acts of savage violence. As these spells passed, Davis would return to normal with no knowledge of what he had done. It was not uncommon for him to respond to the emergencies that he perpetuated.

Davis developed a close bond with Chloe Sullivan and even confided in her that often suffered from periodic blackouts. He grew concerned that he might have been responsible for a massacre that took place a the Ace of Clubs.[4]

Davis was soon reunited with his Kryptonian mother Faora who told him of his true origins. She revealed that Davis was destined to become a great "Doomsday" weapon upon the Earth. To prove his superior ability, Faora stabbed Davis through the chest with a sharpened piece of metal while remarking "Whatever kills you makes you stronger". Davis regenerated from the injury and developed an invulnerability against physical attacks.[3]

Davis had great difficulty coming to grips with this new revelation. He contacted Chloe and told her that he did not want her help anymore in trying to determine the nature of his blackouts. As it turned out, Chloe was experiencing massive losses of memory as a side-effect of her interaction with Brainiac. Brainiac recognized that Davis was the "Doomsday" weapon and worked through Chloe to try and activate him.[5]

Davis quickly became obsessed with Chloe and felt that her pending wedding nuptials was to the "wrong man". He tried to dissuade her, but Chloe rebuffed his advances, growing concerned over Davis' evident emotional issues.

Soon after, Davis' blackouts worsened and he succumbed to his genetic programming, transforming into a monstrous creature known as Doomsday. After slaughtering several people, including a security guard, Doomsday trounced his way to Smallville where he attacked the Kent farm during Chloe and Jimmy Olsen's wedding. Clark tried to stop him, but Doomsday easily deflected his punch, returning the gesture in kind by slamming him through the rafters of the loft. After dealing a near-fatal blow to Jimmy Olsen, Doomsday abducted Chloe and took her to the Brainiac-controlled Fortress of Solitude, where Brainiac gained full control over Chloe's body and Doomsday transformed back into Davis.[6] Brainiac imprisoned Davis in a Kryptonian chrysalis and stated that he would transform completely and permanently in 12 days. However, before this time period was up, Brainiac was defeated and Davis transformed into Doomsday smashed out of his imprisonment.[7]

Davis returned to Metropolis weeks later, where his evil Doomsday side started to encroach on his good human persona when he became angry and murdered Linda Lake.[8] In order to control the beast within, he went on a murder spree, killing people whom he perceived as bad, but was routed by Jimmy, who witnessed a murder; Davis, however, managed to convince people that Jimmy was hallucinating. Soon after, Chloe and Clark discovered Davis' killing spree and his true origins. Davis tried to kill himself in a kryptonite cage, but it failed and he adapted. So he turned to Chloe for help, since being near her suppressed Doomsday inside of him.

After his confrontation with Clark in the Fortress, Davis went on the run with Chloe, vowing never to look back. The Justice League located and captured both Chloe and Davis with the intention of killing Davis in order to protect Clark. When Davis began transforming into Doomsday, Chloe used black kryptonite to separate Doomsday from Davis. Clark battled Doomsday and buried the creature deep within Earth's crust, while Chloe and Davis were brought to safety by Jimmy. Once Davis discovered that Chloe had only been with him to protect Clark and she was still in love with Jimmy, Davis attacked and fatally wounded Jimmy. Davis attempted to kill Chloe, but a dying Jimmy protected Chloe by killing Davis.


  • Self-Evolution: Doomsday arrived on Earth as mere genetic matter but rapidly evolved into a human appearance, adapting to the current species on the planet to act as a camouflage, Davis Bloome, who would soon permanently evolve into his true form, capable of destroying both Kal-El and Earth.
    • Resurrection: Davis has the ability to recover from death once his body has adapted to a form of attack.
    • Regeneration: Davis Bloome has demonstrated the ability to recover from physical attacks such as being stabbed through the chest.
    • Superhuman Strength: Doomsday, while mutated, was easily able to destroy the Ace of Clubs and crush humans to death. He also managed, with no effort, to block an attack from Clark and throw him through the upper side of the loft. Constant agitation from Linda Lake gave Davis enough strength to smother her to death in a few seconds.
    • Superhuman Speed: Doomsday can move faster than the human eye can see. He looks like fast-moving dark blur or shadow.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Doomsday was able to run to the Fortress of Solitude with ease.
    • Immunity to previous attacks: Davis becomes impenetrable once attacked the same way twice.
    • Invulnerability: At first, Faora was able to stab Davis to death. After he came back to life, he stabbed himself with a knife while in human form and demonstrated invulnerability. A policeman also fired several shots at Davis while he was transforming, but they had no effect.
    • Reactive Adaptation: Doomsday develops a defense to any attack that harms him; he cannot be hurt the same way twice. According to Faora, that which kills him only makes him stronger.


  • Medical Science: Davis is an EMT and is capable of administering first aid and other emergency medical services to patients.


  • Vulnerability to Kryptonite: Davis used to be weak against green kryptonite like any Kryptonian but was made immune after attempting to kill himself with it he developed an immunity to green kryptonite, but it is shown other types still could affect him when Black Kryptonite was used to separate Davis from Doomsday.
  • Mental Instability: the stress of keeping Doomsday under control and needing to kill people as Davis to stop transforming and going on a killing spree made Davis unstable, eventually feeling that Chloe was the only good thing in his life, when he finds out Chloe loves Jimmy and not him Davis completely snaps, murders Jimmy and tries to kill Chloe.
  • The character of Davis Bloome is exclusive to the continuity of the Smallville television series where he was portrayed by Sam Witwer.



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