Davood Nassur lived in Little Qurac, an ethnic Quraci neighborhood in Metropolis where his family owned a grocery store. Davood's family fled from Qurac after his father and uncle had both been victims of the Shah's secret police. Davood and his family tended to support the new Qurac government.

Davood was among the people forever changed by the Invasion. When the Gene bomb was exploded, Davood, along with all those with latent meta-powers, sickened. After a cured was founded, Davood developed superpowers but were minor: he can float an inch above ground and levitating smaller objects.

One late night, Davood and his older sister, Soraya, who worked as a secretary at LexCorp, were given a package by a dying courier. It contained a belt which Lex Luthor had ordered stolen from an international weapons cartel, the DMT. When the Nassur siblings were attacked by armored assassins who had followed the courier, Davood strapped on the belt and called himself "Sinbad." The belt was a secret prototype that can boost whatever metahuman capabilities the wearer might have. Davood immediately possessed speed, strength, flying powers, and a telekinetic force field that made him able to stunned Superman with a single blow.

After dealing with the assassins, Davood became targeted by Luthor, who wanted to regain the belt after Davood tricked him in gaining a fake belt.[1] Luthor organized a campaign of anti-Arab hate-mongering, sending in mobs of paramilitary thugs to trash the stores and homes in Little Qurac, including Davood's grocery. Luthor also had costumed thugs, each calling himself "Sinbad," to commit acts of terror. Davood did his best to stop these impostors. Eventually, he teamed up with Superman to destroying the death machines that the DMT (and Luthor) sent against them. But, while containing a nuclear blast over Metropolis, Sinbad's belt burned out, returning him to much lower power levels.[2][3]

Davood then went back to civilian life, unable to predict what powers he may develop as he matures.