Dax-Ur was a scientist from the planet Krypton. His field was in the study of solar radiation and its effect on Kryptonian minerals. He was also instrumental in the creation of the Brain Inter-Active Construct (a.k.a. Brainiac), though later regretted his contributions to this experiment when he discovered how the Brainiac system could be used to cause widespread devastation. Dax-Ur exiled himself from Krypton and came to Earth over a hundred years ago. He brought with him a small shield which functioned as a homing beacon. He lost the beacon however, and it was not recovered for many years. Dax-Ur fell in love with an Earth woman named Grace. In order to live like a normal human, he used a piece of blue Kryptonite and fashioned it into a wrist band. The blue Kryptonite robbed Dax-Ur of his Kryptonian super-powers and he was able to start a new life with Grace. The two were married and had a son named Max. Dax-Ur abandoned the study of science and lived the life of a simple mechanic, working out of Al's Autoshop.

In 2008, the Brain Inter-Active Construct was greatly weakened after a protracted battle with young Clark Kent. It managed to reconstitute its physical form, but was forced to absorb metallic traces from living organisms such as rats to sustain itself. In order to execute a complete "reboot", it needed to find its creator Dax-Ur. Brainiac knew that Clark Kent had discovered Dax-Ur's homing beacon, and he manipulated Kent into activating it, so that Brainiac could find him.

Kent reached Dax-Ur first however. Kent had received information from Lionel Luthor (who was actually just Brainiac in disguise) that Dax-Ur might be able to help him defeat an even more troublesome foe – Bizarro. Dax-Ur told Clark that exposure to blue Kryptonite would create a power overload in Bizarro and destroy him. He gave Clark a sample of blue Kryptonite and expressed surprise that another Kryptonian would come to him for help.

After Clark left Dax-Ur's garage, Brainiac arrived. He needed Dax-Ur's knowledge of his internal systems to execute the reboot. Dax-Ur however, refused to help him. Brainiac was more than content to simply take the information that he needed. Using his morphogenetic interfacing capabilities, he stabbed Dax-Ur in the neck and was able to download the information he needed to complete his programming. He then left the garage, leaving Dax-Ur for dead.


  • As Dax-Ur was not wearing his blue Kryptonite wrist-band at the time of Brainiac's attack against him, it is possible that his Kryptonian physiology enabled him to survive the perceived fatal wound.
  • Dax-Ur is a re-spelling of the Kryptonian name Jax-Ur. Jax-Ur was also a scientist, whose work resulted in the destruction of one of Krytpon's moons. He was also the first Kryptonian to ever be imprisoned inside the Phantom Zone.
  • A Kryptonian major named Dax-Ur was mentioned in "For the Man Who Has Everything" in Superman Annual #11.



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