Dax-Ur was a pioneering scientist from the planet Krypton. His work lead to the creation of the Brain InterActive Construct. However, Dax-Ur eventually realized that his technology could lead to the destruction of worlds.

In an attempt to clear his conscience, Dax-Ur left Krypton and came to Earth. Originally, he had planned to study the yellow sun's effects on Kryptonian minerals, but discovered that it was the sun's effect on himself that really mattered. He could save the human race.

It's unknown what Dax-Ur did for over a century, but in the early 21st century he met and fell in love with a human, named Grace. To be with her, he chose to give up his powers, by wearing Blue Kryptonite.

By 2008, Dax-Ur was working as a mechanic in Arizona, when Clark Kent approached him and asked for a piece of Blue Kryptonite. Shortly after their encounter, Dax-Ur found himself confronted by Brainiac, who needed to be repaired. When Dax-Ur refused to help him, Brainiac simply drained the information from Dax-Ur and killed him.


  • It's unknown if Max was Dax-Ur's biological son or if he was adopted.



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