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Day of Judgment Vol 1 1


Day of Judgment Vol 1 1

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"The Summoning": Etrigan frees the fallen Angel Asmodel from his imprisonment in Hell, and then tricks the Spectre entity, without a host, into joining with him. Now imbued with God's own divine powers of vengeance, Asmodel swears to take vengeance on the [[Presence (New Ea

Quote1 It's going to be a cold day in hell before you give me a chance, isn't it? Quote2
-- Eric the Bartender

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Synopsis for "The Summoning"

Etrigan frees the fallen Angel Asmodel from his imprisonment in Hell, and then tricks the Spectre entity, without a host, into joining with him. Now imbued with God's own divine powers of vengeance, Asmodel swears to take vengeance on the Presence himself, beginning by destroying that which has been created in his image, the peoples of Earth. His first act is to freeze hell over, including Neron, before wreaking havoc on New York City.
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) and the Enchantress, only recently escaped from her mental institution, are the first to meet the rampaging Spectre as him and a massive host of Demons pour forth from the ground underneath Manhattan. Kyle calls in both the JLA and the Justice Society, but the Spectre defeats them all magically, passing judgment and going so far as to transmogrify Superman into a literal pillar of salt. He also catches the Quintessence spying on him from their domain, and negates them from interfering with his actions.
Having received a premonition of the Chaos, Zatanna magically teleports around, assembling a Who's Who of magical heroes to team up against Asmodel. Finally they join together as the Sentinels of Magic, and prepare to fight him.



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Day of Judgment Crossover
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This comic issue is a part of the "Day of Judgment" crossover event that took place in 1999. Day of Judgment involved the rogue Angel Asmodel being bonded to the Spectre Force, and using his powers to wreak havoc on the world, attempting to take vengeance against the Presence. Hell was frozen over, and both Demons and the Damned were released upon Earth. This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the "Day of Judgment Crossover" category.