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"The Call From Beyond!": This story is reprinted from Strange Adventures #213.

Appearing in "The Call From Beyond!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Tiny (strongman)
  • Vashnu (Hindu Fakir)
  • Dr. Shasti
  • Sammy Shasti


  • Madam Pegeen

Other Characters:


  • Madam Pageen's House



Synopsis for "The Call From Beyond!"

This story is reprinted from Strange Adventures #213.

When he learns that Tiny has not been killed, only seriously wounded, Deadman inhabits his body and merges with the deepest part of his being in order to enable him to fight back from the very edge of death. Vashnu sits by Tiny's bedside and prays for his recovery. Tiny's surgeon, Dr. Shasti, is also from India and recognizes Vashnu as a famous mystic. Vashnu's presence and Tiny's miraculous recovery convince Dr. Shasti that the supernatural is involved...which, ironically, it is. Dr. Shasti is also involved in psychic research and is attempting to get grant money for a group of "researchers" who, unknown to Dr. Shasti, are fakes. Deadman investigates and helps Dr. Shasti and his son expose the phony medium Madam Pegeen and her gang. With his job done, Deadman wonders how to take up the trail of the Hook again.

Appearing in "The Track Of The Hook"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Carleton "Kubla" Kaine (Only appearance; dies)
  • Max Chill (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Whitey Marsh (Only appearance; dies)
  • Edward T. Weeks (Single appearance)
  • Bill Rawls (Single appearance)
  • Willie "Stoolie" Pigeon (Single appearance)
  • Rama Kushna (Flashback only)



Synopsis for "The Track Of The Hook"

This story is reprinted from Brave and the Bold #79.

While aiding Commissioner Gordon in solving the murder of small time crook Whitey Marsh, Batman learns that the killer was wearing a hook. Deadman, having come to Gotham City to seek Batman's aid in finding his killer, believes the villain responsible, the Hook is in Gotham after overhearing the eye witness account of Marsh's murder.

Aiding Batman the two learn that the killer was not the man who Deadman is looking for, but a thug working for Kubla Kaine, a wealthy business man who is running for mayor and is secretly running a crime syndicate out of Gotham City.

Batman and Deadman find the killer, who dies in combat, and they expose Kaine's involvement in the criminal underworld ruining his bid for mayor.


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