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Death-Doll is a heroine turned villain.

Originally operating as Liberty-Lass, she was the partner of Mr. America. They were a husband-and-wife team who didn't know each other's secret identity, and for the first time in many years, hope returned to Vanity.

After a CIA operation went bad, Liberty-Lass had to undergo extensive surgery, which included grafting plastic skin replacements, which tended to sting during cold weather. She remained in the shadows, doing dangerous missions for the CIA, until Clinton shut her division down. She returned to Vanity for the funeral of her former partner, now going under the name Bloodtype.

With Fixit's help, she hunted down Aztek, who was blamed for Bloodtype's death. However, it wasn't just about revenge; she hoped killing Aztek could put her back on the map. She was undone by her own hired help, who preferred Aztek's gentler ways over the psychopathy of Bloodtype and Death-Doll.



enemy of Aztek



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