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Deathstroke Vol 2 19


Deathstroke Vol 2 19

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"Resurrection Day": On their final mission, Team 7 had witnessed the island nation of Gamorra sinking beneath the ocean. Deathstroke had assumed that the team's creator, John Lynch died in the

Quote1 Lynch is the bait. I am the trap. And very soon, I am going to be a god. Quote2
-- Jericho

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Synopsis for "Resurrection Day"

On their final mission, Team 7 had witnessed the island nation of Gamorra sinking beneath the ocean. Deathstroke had assumed that the team's creator, John Lynch died in the aftermath - but he hadn't. Five years later, Slade had tracked him down and made the mistake of letting Lynch talk him into doing a job for Harvest which would allow him to get close to his daughter Rose again. On top of that, though, the man who had caused the destruction in Gamorra, Majestic, has returned.

Unfortunately, a tactical nuke wasn't enough to stop Majestic, so Lynch's plan B involves gathering the entire Wilson family together under one roof - and he has given Joseph powers using the Genfactor, in exchange for the ability to control Majestic. Slade warns that Lynch is just using his son, but Joseph - who chooses now to be called Jericho - claims that he is using Lynch. After causing all of Lynch's men to shoot themselves through their heads, Jericho reveals that he has been in control of his mother and brother for some time. He had wanted the whole family to be together.

Their time together is limited, though, as the nuclear attack drew Majestic's attention, and he will soon be headed straight for them. This is Joseph's intention. Lynch was the bait, he is the trap, and with control over Majestic, he will become like a god. As Rose and Slade try to stop their remaining family, they end up in an all-out brawl, all while Majestic gets closer and closer. In a moment of anger, Slade attacks his wife Adeline, and nearly kills her, relenting at last, when he remembers that Jericho controls her.

Jericho is surprised, however, when that moment of distraction allows Rose to put her sword to his throat. She warns him to let Grant and Adeline go, but he refuses. Knowing that neither Slade nor Rose really has the willpower to kill Joseph before he becomes the most powerful man in the world, Lynch decides to take the task upon himself. As he fires a bullet aimed right between Joseph's eyes, it is caught in mid air by Majestic, who is now under Jericho's control.


  • This book was first published on April 10, 2013.
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