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Deathstroke Vol 2 20


Deathstroke Vol 2 20

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"Prodigal Sons": When John Lynch created Team 7, he had secretly intended to turn its members into super-humans. His greatest success was also his biggest mistake: Majestic. This superman has power equivalent t

Quote1 And I've thrown away any hope of reconciling with you. But then, that sort of thing is never really in the cards for people like me. Like us. Quote2
-- Deathstroke

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Synopsis for "Prodigal Sons"

When John Lynch created Team 7, he had secretly intended to turn its members into super-humans. His greatest success was also his biggest mistake: Majestic. This superman has power equivalent to that of an atom bomb, and now, worst of all, he is under the mental control of Jericho - Deathstroke's own son.

Unfortunately, Jericho is quite happy to see the rest of his family die, and the resulting attacks on Lynch's facility have caused Deathstroke's wife, Adeline to be crushed under the debris. Though she still lives, the wounds are grave, and she uses her last breaths to explain that all of her animosity toward him had been their son Joseph's clouding her mind. She had never really hated him. With that, she dies.

Their children Grant and Rose are upset to learn of their mother's death, but Slade warns that they have no time to grieve. Joseph could have killed them all by now, which means he has let them live. He wants them all to see what he is now; to die fearing Jericho.

Unexpectedly, Slade finds Joseph sleeping. The effort of controlling the super-human has left his body unguarded. Angrily, Terra intends to kill him while they have a chance. Unfortunately, if they kill Joseph now, his mind will be trapped in Majestic's body forever. He would win.

Instead, Terra uses a live volcano in the area to attack Majestic directly. She drags him down into the lava as Jericho screams through Majestic's mouth that he will let her live if she doesn't go through with this plan. Though she doesn't pay him any mind, they are soon surprised when Majestic crashes through the wall, apparently unharmed. He is surprised to see that his mother is dead, and angry to hear that it is his fault.

Rose kicks Majestic in the head, and the superman is surprised to find that she can hurt him. Slade realizes that Rose's latent ability must be to dampen invulnerability. Using this knowledge, Slade and Rose rail on Majestic together, until he collapses on the floor. Unfortunately, this only sends Jericho back into Joseph's body, and he regains control of both Grant and Terra. Though Slade quickly knocks Terra unconscious, Joseph has Grant put his own sword to his throat. Rose tries to prevent her father from making a move, for Grant's sake, but he knows that Joseph is only buying time until Majestic wakes up again. Rather than let that happen, he leaps forward and thrusts the sword through Grant's neck, and further into Joseph's own skull.

As Rose reacts with horror, Slade reflects on the fact that by killing his own sons, he has bought the world a little more time.

With Rose's help, Slade doses Majestic with sedatives, and they escape, leaving A.R.G.U.S. to clean up after them all. John Lynch is missing and presumed dead, and Deathstroke remains the only member of Team 7 who still poses a threat unaccounted for.


  • This book was first published on May 8, 2013.
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